OK liberals:  get ready to proclaim that “the only vote that counts is on election day”!  Only it won’t work very well for this Gallup poll

It is an American poll but unless you’re a CBC-only watcher and/or are brainwashed by our liberal media and academia into believing that Canadians are of a different, superior race to that of Americans, as many Canadian liberals do, you will be reasonably sure that the numbers extrapolate quite well to Canada. 

I’ll dissect it for you a little: 

• 88% of married people are satisfied with their lives, versus 78% of unmarried folks.
(—65% “Very Satisfied” versus 45% “Very Satisfied”. )
• 90% of Republicans are satisfied, versus 82% of Democrats.
(—66% “Very Satisfied” versus 53% “Very Satisfied”.)
• 88% of weekly church-goers are satisfied, versus 82% who seldom or never attend church
(—66% “Very Satisfied” versus 51% “Very Satisfied”.)




On a related note, I found an article that says according to a new poll, most Canadians think their looks are just mediocre.  That’s probably true, but the point in this poll is to find out how modest or proud people are, methinks.  In this case, I think Americans would be more proud. 

Survey finds Canadians rate their looks average

The Canadian Press

TORONTO—It seems most Canadians don’t feel they have movie-star looks, according to a new poll that asked people to rate how attractive they think they are.

The Canadian Press Harris/Decima survey found that on average, those questioned considered themselves a 6.7 out of 10…

As for my quip about Canadian liberals thinking they are of a superior race to Americans, as if on cue, one of the comments that a CTV.ca reader left below that story seems to put a finer point on it: 

“Compare Canadians to the rest of the world and most closely, the Americans. We certainly look the best. And why does the Canadian press do all these stupid surveys for???”

For the record, I’m a 10.

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