Maclean’s beatifies their Prophet Suzuki

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The Article

image You know how I rightly mock the liberals’ enviro freak-out religion and its pretend prophets Suzuki and Algore? Here’s the latest cover of Maclean’s magazine (right). Difference is, they mean it. 

Inside the “Saint Suzuki” edition, you’ll find a huge article about Suzuki and the danger that he might be hooking up with Wal-Mart, an entity which should of course normally be seen as the epitome of Canadian liberals’ axis of evil (American, capitalist, successful…) unless otherwise advised.  And of course Suzuki being a “Saint”, well by golly you are otherwise advised, just this once. 

Naomi Klein Coincidentally, there’s also a feature article in the mag —an interview with the extreme left-wing, anti-capitalist fundamentalist, Naomi Klein.  At their Maclean’s web site, you can even view a terrific, if Orwellian, far-left-wing conspiracy theory-ish communism-advocacy-ish YouTube video flick made by her.  Wonder if it got   image state funding!  I did look at the credits very quickly:  Associate Producer?  Avi Lewis!  He’s the extreme left-wing star of the state-run, state-owned CBC’s “news” series called “The Big Picture starring Avi Lewis”.  In that show, he covers all manner of communist, atheist, anti-conservative, anti-Christian material, with a decidedly anti-American tone [see this July 18 2007 blog entry]. 

A few months ago, to help you make sense of this fella and his connections, I shared my thoughts with you about him.  I wrote

For reference, Avi Lewis is the son of the former you’ve got to be kidding party’s Stephen Lewis, who sounds very much like a communist to me.  Stephen Lewis is the son of Federal NDP Leader David Lewis, who similarly sounds very much like a communist to me.  Stephen Lewis is married to Michele Landsberg, a feminist activist and former writer for the leftist Toronto Star, which is perhaps the most left-wing mainstream newspaper in North America, and the liberals’ Globe and Mail.  She sounds very much like a communist to me.  Not to be outdone, young Avi Lewis is married to far-left-wing feminist activist and Bush-hater Naomi Klein, daughter of an American draft dodger; and her brother is a director of the far left-wing Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (the “alternative” they speak of being global socialism and an end to capitalism as we know it, which sounds very much like communism to me).  Naomi Klein was also a Toronto Star writer.  She sounds very much like a communist to me.

As we know, anti-capitalists and liberals and leftists and the radical far-left just don’t have a voice in this country.  ‘Specially not on the state-run media or the state-protected magazine industry.  Showing repeats of Michael Moore’s honest, truthy documentaries 8 to 10,000 times per year on the state-owned CBC “Newsworld” channel in addition to their regular 800 broadcast channels is hardly enough.  They need a platform.  Thank God (see below what they think about God) for Maclean’s magazine and the rest of the liberals’ media division. 

By the way, also see the “Maclean’ Interview”: the Sept 27 edition features the socialist NDP’s Dawn Black. Before that: the Liberal Frenchman Stephane Dion!  They currently feature these on their site’s front page for your convenience.  Oh finally!  They’re sure to bash conservatives!  Yummy! 

Don’t worry though:  for balance, they also feature things that are directly related to conservatives too:

Here’s some previous Bush-luvin’, fair and balanced covers:
image image

Below, the one on the left is their upcoming November 12 edition.  Can’t wait to see who’s scarier:  Bush or the Islamofascist Nazi dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad!  They’re comparable, dontchaknow! 

< image

Below:  another religion cover—this one a little different than the Prophet (“Saint”) Suzuki edition…


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