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The Article

At a business people’s conference or seminar, or at a trade show at your city’s local convention center, or at an art gallery or annual craft fair or even at the shopping mall, you’re unlikely to see a huge Communist Party banner right up against a “40% Off Sale” banner.  If you do see one, you would likely see some people giggle and point and ask “what the hell is that about?!”—perhaps thinking it was some kind of joke.  Others would express outright disgust and anger, since Communists throughout the world are responsible for the death of millions of people through genocide, starvation, and wars.

But in Canada at a New Democratic Party or labor union protest rally (sometimes they are one and the same), nobody blinks an eye when they see the Communists out in force with their banners and membership registration cards.  In the city of Vancouver, when a left-wing candidate named Tim Lewis (he ran for C.O.P.E. or Committee Of Progressive Electors) won his seat on council he showed-up at the victory party wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt and nobody thought anything of it.  Apparently at mass left-wing gatherings, communists fit right in and are welcomed—even celebrated—and the banner-holders obviously find a favorable climate in which they can sign up new members. Otherwise they certainly wouldn’t bother being there, what with all the freedom to get paid by the state to lay about and smoke pot all day and protest Iraqi freedom.

And yet I still get angry emails from readers who take exception to my calling NDP members and some extreme left-wing liberals “socialists”.  It seems many NDP members are a little taken aback when they are educated as to what they are and to the nature of the party with which they have taken sides—or at least the party that their mommies in the union told them to side with.  Some are aghast that I would be so “rude” or “ignorant” as to call them “socialists”.

Surprisingly, they didn’t realize that the NDP stands for socialism.  But they’re entirely sure about everything else they yell on their megaphones, like: “End Privatization!”, “End Welfare Poverty!”, “Tax The Rich!”, “Peoples’ rights!”,  Workers’ Rights!”,  “Rights of Workers!”. 

Any kind of rights, apparently, as long as it doesn’t include “The Right for Citizens to Spend their Own Money on their Own Basic Health Care and That of their Family!”, nor to be able to “Watch Fox News Channel (or any ‘non-left-wing’ media which citizens want to watch but are forbidden by liberal regulators)!”, nor the basic fundamental right to spend one’s money as one pleases to “Buy Legal Consumer Goods like a Bottle of Wine at the Supermarket!” or “Allow Citizens to Buy Basic Car Insurance from Whomever They Choose!”, or to “Be Allowed To Work Even Though I’m Not In a Union!”, nor the “Right to Live in a Country Whose Borders are Defended!”, nor, obviously, a country which would bother to “Bravely Fight against Murderous Dictators Slaughtering its Citizens, Harboring Terrorists, Promoting Terrorism, and Threatening Free People Throughout the World!”.

The federal NDP leader, Jack Layton, said in a recent interview on a left-wing web site that he is proud and pleased to call himself a socialist—it’s just that he doesn’t talk about it a lot because it might confuse the younger people.  What it might actually do is wake up the younger people, which is contrary to official NDP policy inasmuch as it would render the collapse of the NDP, and besides, NDP policy dictates that the young people are entitled to sleep as long as they damn well please—the longer the better. 

No wonder the NDP comes out in favor of liberalizing pot-smoking and Jack Layton called it “a wonderful drug”, and said that he “would go further than decriminalizing cannabis, and legalize it with provisions for home use, cafes and personal grows-ops”, in an interview on “Meet The Press”.  Oh, sorry, no it was an interview on the “pot-tv.net” web site.  I keep getting those two confused!

Apparently the NDP’s official policy platform includes:  “Get ‘em high and they’ll always vote for more!”  So maybe there is a method to the madness!  Now if only they were sober enough to realize what it was they were actually fighting for.

What he said regarding socialism, specifically, was: “Socialist? I’m proud to call myself a socialist. I prefer it by far to democratic socialist”.  Never mind all the stupid democracy.

Others on the left such as Liberal Party members at least play ball with stupid democracy, even if they literally play with it.  Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin toys with it as a little boy would a GameBoy.  Currently he’s not telling us when he might let us play with the voting machines by allowing us to have a democratic election, and is just as giddy as a little boy with the power to call an election whenever he damn well pleases. Just keep guessing you stupid buffoons!  It’s fun to play with funky Canadian rights, freedom and democracy, to Liberals and the left.

I keep comparing the NDP socialists with socialism in the former Soviet Union, and people keep emailing me and calling me an “extreme right wing nut”.  I wonder if they have the slightest clue what “conservatives” stand for if they don’t even know what they themselves stand for.

“Russia and the U.S.S.R. was Communist!”, the brilliant ones angrily tell me in emails, as if apparently uneducated people (”who built this country”) feel they need to educate me (who, as I understand it, not being a “working person”, “don’t do nuthin’”, or if I do, it’s “on the backs of” the likes of them.  People like me just can’t win!).  They have no clue that the letters “U.S.S.R.” stand for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, but they’re sure they know what they stand for which is whatever their union or their mommy the NDP says they stand for; and whatever that is, it involves lots of words like: “working people”, “unions”, “struggles”, “rights”, “victim” (as in “you, me and every darn one of us are victims of sumthin’, damn it”), “strike”, “protest rally”, and so on;  but never includes the likes of: “self-sufficient”, “initiative”, “profit”, “innovation”, “smaller government”, “lower taxes”, “private”, “efficient”, or “personal responsibility”.

The NDP are so cute.  They love to sound like they stand for you. 

Here are some official policy quotes I found off the web:

  • “We remain in the forefront of the people’s struggles : for labour rights, social justice and the environment; defending the rights of minorities, women, gays and lesbians; fighting for youth and students.” 

  • “The struggle of the Canadian people for democracy, sovereignty, peace and social advance is essentially a political struggle against big business and its control of the Canadian State. The interests of the vast majority of Canadians are in conflict with the anti-democratic, neoliberal policies of the transnationals and the banks.”

  • “…offering a clear and consistent vision of a socialist Canada, where the priority is people’s needs, not corporate greed”

    Actually I should have mentioned that I got those quotes from the official policies platform of the Communists Party on the Communist Party of Canada website, not the NDP’s web site.  Oops. 

    Lest you think I’m being one-sided about the socialists, here’s a last quote from Mein Kampf, as written by the ever-so-Hussein-like Adolf Hitler, since “Hitler” or “Nazi” is what many lefties (liberals and NDP) love to call conservatives, moments after they realize that we’re making sense.

    “Hence the movement must adopt a positive attitude towards the trade-unionist idea. But it must go further than this. For the enormous number of members and followers of the trade-unionist movement it must provide a practical education which will meet the exigencies of the coming National Socialist State.”

    And yet I’m a nefarious “extreme right winger”—I’m the danger.  Oh yeah, and of course “Saddam Hussein was not a threat”.

    The photo below (copyright Vancouver Sun) was taken over the weekend (Sunday May 2, 2004) when the overpaid members of the Hospital Employees Union in British Columbia broke the law and refused to go back to work as they were required to do by law, and most every union and their political supporters in the NDP and other such parties decided to come out in full support of them breaking the law, and surprisingly they brought along their banners and placards which all blended together such that you hardly even notice. 

    unions and extreme left protest in Vancouver

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