Logic and consistency should be a tax deduction

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The Article

How about every time I say or do something right, especially when it helps the country, I’m rewarded by not having to pay as much tax. Like when I say don’t watch that awful state-owned CBC, and it should be completely defunded. Tax holiday!

How about every year that I don’t crash my car, and I’m in year 40 of that now, I pay less and less state-owned car insurance until I pay none, rather than the other way around? How about every year I’m not in the hospital because I look after myself, and I’m in year I-don’t-know-what of that, I pay less health tax, which in my province represents 40% of my taxes paid? How about a progressive tax wherein the fatter you are, the more you pay? How about if you’re a real jerk, you pay more tax? Because fatties and jerks cost us all money! And this would piss them off and teach them all “a government lesson!” Mooooohooohahahaaaaa!

I’ve seen some of the worst ideas and dogma and propaganda as a result of this Wuhan Virus. Absolute nonsense has been a hallmark of this pandemic since the beginning, but after so much of it over so long a period, we’re even more jaded now. Possibly more stupid. And now bullcrap apparently passes for thinking. Otherwise rational thinkers and pundits have turned into muddled numbskulls and illogical idiots.

The latest barrage of nuttery comes on the heels of The Nation Of Quebec’s Premier Francois Legault proclaiming that he will tax the dirty unvaxxed deplorables.

Chris Selley explained (or tried to explain —one really can’t) Legault’s thought process, today: “The choice to forego vaccination has ‘consequences’ that radiate through the health-care system, Legault argued. ‘It’s not up to all Quebecers to pay for that,’ he suggested . To make the point, he said he would call the tax a ‘health contribution.'”

To which I reply, now do abortion. “It’s not up to all Quebecers to pay for that.” Agreed! Or British Columbians. Women (or men, according to progressives) who abort their baby should pay a “health contribution” equal to the amount that it actually costs the healthcare system. Especially inasmuch as abortion is an elective procedure, which — ironies of ironies — actually ends a human life rather than tending to its unspoken (cuz, see, it can’t speak for itself!) healthcare needs. It ceases to become a healthcare matter rather quickly, and it turns into something else entirely. So there should be “consequences.”

Why must the unvaccinated be taxed to deter them from possibly maybe harming others (to whatever decreasing degree that that’s possible), when pregnant, um, peoplekind aren’t deterred from completely and assuredly and definitively ending a human life while expecting taxpayers to pay for it? Don’t they “owe it to the community” to not get pregnant only to abort it and cost us all that money and take up hospital beds —and sacrifice a life? Francois? Justin? Lefties? Hello?

And re those anti-lifer aborters, let me see if I’ve got the tone and language correct from my reading of the prevailing comments to various news articles about this Legault idea: “It would teach those a**holes a lesson about costing me and the “healthcare” system so much and caring about themselves instead of the whole community and costing me so much money and stealing hospital beds that I might need because of their own [email protected]!*#”

Did I say that with the correct amount of performative righteous indignation?

I note that despite it costing taxpayers millions (to say nothing of the foregone future taxpayers!), abortion is as I said an elective procedure that has been demanded of the system, and is a result of a recreational choice to bed-down with the opposite sex (assuming such a thing still exists — let’s just call them a peoplekind mate to avoid being charged with a Hate Crime™), simply to satisfy one’s sexual urges, without even using proper birth control which is universally available for free or practically for free. This is a stark juxtaposition to “anti-vaxxers” who, we can be pretty sure, are not that way for sexual urge reasons. At least not that alone. I mean some may be getting off on it, I don’t know. Peoplekind are weird. But anyway, we don’t care if it’s just for sexual urges, right?!

Assuming Legault will make an exception for abortion because he’s an illogical and hypocritical idjit, do these too (and this is just a partial list):

⋅ Fatties
⋅ Skiers injured during their ski vacay
⋅ People who don’t brush and floss three times per day
⋅ Hockey players (pro or otherwise) who get injured, but triple-taxed if injured in a fight
⋅ Soccer players (especially soccer players!)
⋅ Toddlers who get booboos “needlessly” (as determined by government experts)
⋅ Hang gliders who hilariously crash
⋅ People who don’t get the flu shot every year
⋅ Mountain bikers who hilariously crash
⋅ Anybody who rides any bike and wipes out, as bikes are inherently dangerous
⋅ People who don’t exercise by like riding bikes
⋅ Motorcyclists, duh
⋅ People who crash those idiotic small cars, which are stupid and idiotic
⋅ Anybody who is at blame for any car crash, even in sublime SUVs
⋅ People who fall off a ladder, because… STUPID!
⋅ Diabetics
⋅ People with a BMI over 30 (like Legault would appear to be)
⋅ Anybody who is overweight at all whatsoever (like Legault would appear to be)
⋅ Any smoker (whatever they smoke)
⋅ Any recreational drug-taker (like Legault would appear to be)
⋅ People who get slugged in the face for wearing blackface numerous times
⋅ People who get slugged in the face for calling unvaxxed folks “racists and misogynists”
⋅ Those idiots who wear shorts in the winter
⋅ Anybody traveling for pleasure who slips and falls
⋅ People who vote “the wrong way”
⋅ Anybody who drinks alcohol
⋅ People who choke on food items that aren’t required for basic life
⋅ People who riot with Marxists against “systemic racism,” and are injured
⋅ People who eat chips or hamburgers, or especially “poutine” or most any French food
⋅ Anybody who watches CBC and goes insane inasmuch as there were far better choices

…and so many more. Oh yeah: climate “deniers” and Jews!

P.S. Others, notably not of the Conservative Party, are on my same wavelength:

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