Liberals trying to bribe Conservatives with political appointments?

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The Article

Word on the street is that the Liberal Party—cabinet ministers—are phoning Conservative Party MPs and bribing them with ambassadorships and sundry political appointments in an effort to get them on their side.

I think we’ve entered into new banana republic territory now.  Or is it fascist territory?  Dictatorship?  I don’t know.  There’s no real definition. “Desperation” doesn’t cut it.  “Politics” doesn’t either.  This is corruption of the highest order.  Treason?

I do know that this isn’t my Canada.  This is, as the Liberal election campaign ads went last year, a Liberals’ Canada. 

UPDATE 9:13 AM PDT: Apparently Conservative MP Inky Mark (Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette) told his caucus last night in a meeting that he was approached by a Liberal cabinet minister (un-named), who implied that there must be something—an ambassadorship or something—that would persuade the Conservative MP to break ranks and join the Liberals in ensuring they stay in power. 

We already know for a fact that the Liberal Party of Canada is interested in having power over Canada more than anything else in the world.  So at least that much is for sure.  And we know that they are corrupt, and that they lie through their teeth.  So I don’t see the problem with this story. 

The Liberals are saying that it was in fact Inky Mark who went to the Liberals looking for an ambassadorship. 

The media will comply, and spin it that way as well.  In fact, I wouldn’t doubt that the media were the first to suggest that maybe it happened this “other” way. 

UPDATE 10:45 AM PDT:  This story has now hit the mainstream media.

CTV News has learned that Inky Mark, MP for Dauphin, Manitoba since 1997, is one of the Opposition MPs who has been offered a new job.

Wow.  CTV learned that?  Good on them.  That’s what’s important.

“On Friday, a Minister of the Crown called me and talked about the possibility of what I could do or wanted to do in my political career,” Mark told CTV, reluctant to say exactly who made the call.

“I basically told him I’d be happy if I could retire.”

According to Mark, the unnamed MP first offered to make him an ambassador. When he turned that offer down, it was implied he could opt for a seat in the Senate, if he wanted it.

“The suggestion was I should take serious consideration of our discussion.”

Talking to reporters on Monday night, Conservative deputy leader Peter MacKay said desperation is driving the government to extend such offers to others in his party as well.

When pressed, however, he would not provide the names or “numbers” of his party that had been extended such an offer.

Of course the rest of the CTV story completely overlooks the massive implications of this story. 

[…] In his own interview with CTV, Prime Minister Paul Martin warned against a rush back to the campaign trail.

“I really hope we are not forced into an election,” he said, decrying the Conservatives’ maneuvering as a surrender to Quebec separatists.

“I don’t know why the Conservatives have decided to do the separatist bidding, which is what this is all about. They are the only ones who will benefit from a pre-mature election.”

UPDATE 10:54 AM PDT: The state-run news media reports it in their obvious pro-liberal-left, anti-conservative fashion.  Watch how they start the story with the Liberal Party denial, and only then go on with the charge.  If it were the Conservatives who were being tainted by this looming scandal, it would be precisely the opposite—they’d start with the outrageous charge, then near the end add that “the Conservatives deny any wrongdoing”.

A cabinet minister has forcefully denied charges that the Liberals have offered a Conservative backbencher an ambassador’s job in order to give his party an advantage in Parliament.
Peter MacKay, the Conservative deputy leader, on Tuesday said the Liberals had called opposition members to offer them plum appointments.

Inky Mark, a Conservative member of Parliament from Manitoba, said a Liberal cabinet minister had offered him an ambassadorship to resign his seat in the House of Commons.

As with the CTV story, they then spend the rest of their 400-word article on nonsense that has nothing to do with the impending new scandal.  If it were the Conservatives in power and who were allegedly doing this, there’s by a whole crew of intrepid state-employee/reporters thrashing about trying to get names and stories.

UPDATE 11:41 AM PDT:  By way of contrast to the state-run media, which is stacked from top to bottom with Liberal Party appointees and state-employee/reporters, a more balanced opener from the Canadian Press version (not necessarily their norm, by any means) (via pitches the charge, then adds copious denials as if to make the charge sound ludicrous:

OTTAWA (CP) – The pre-election campaign heated up Tuesday with the Conservatives accusing the Liberals of trying to buy off Tory MPs with plum appointments.

The Liberals denied the allegation and counter-charged that a Tory MP had been fishing for a job. Tory Inky Mark kicked off the furor, saying a Liberal cabinet minister had talked to him about a possible ambassadorial appointment. “I wouldn’t be telling you this – you know me, I’m not a dishonest person – I wouldn’t be telling anybody this if it didn’t happen,” Mark said.

But the Liberals called it an “outrageous claim.”

UPDATE 4:30 PM PDT: The state-run news agency, the CBC Newsworld division of the Liberal Party just reported that the story that Conservative Inky Mark is telling “borders on the bizarre”.  Then they interviewed Reg Alcock of the Liberal Party to ask if it really happened or not.  Apparently it didn’t happen.  See?  It didn’t happen.  Next story. 

The media always believe each other when they report un-named sources saying things.  Apparently we are to believe them too.  But when a Conservative Party member says something without a sword affidavit, it requires CBC investigation—to prove that Inky is a liar. 

UPDATE 4:39 PM PDT: My understanding is that this allegation, if it is true, would constitute and illegal act—it would be a criminal offence committed by Liberal Party officials.  The CBC is still working on discrediting the Conservative though, so I’ll switch channels to another liberal-left channel.  Then I’ll dance on my head and sing “Come On/Be Happy!”

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