Remember that “EH-101” helicopter order that was quite rightly made by the Mulroney government after careful study way back in the year 1497 when we needed them merely desperately, unlike now when it’s hideously embarrassing and some would say it’s almost no use even bothering any more (or was that the point? Hmmm.) 

The one that the Chretien/Martin Liberals cancelled the moment they got into office? You remember: the one they cancelled at a cost to taxpayers of $500 MILLION?… which began the decade-long process (revealing the Liberals’ real hidden agenda) of weakening our nation’s defences because they don’t believe in defending Canada?… to the point where we are now virtually defenseless and incapable of militarily or even diplomatically defending our nation and are at the mercy of terrorist nations and terrorists?… and practically bankrupting our military and rendering it so expensive to rebuild that it may take a generation or more to do so?  That deal? 

Well now the Liberals’ next nightmare is coming true. The Liberals took the past decade to “study” the issue and decide on a better helicopter deal (taking 10 years isn’t their nightmare but rather ours—no for them, taking 10 years to study something is like a dream come true!). 

They decided—purposely some would say—on a unit that was decidedly NOT the EH-101 but rather one that was a different color.  Just so they wouldn’t look too stupid (well they failed on that whole “stupid” thing, but the intent was to avoid that). 

Again, to get out of that Mulroney EH-101 deal back in 1497 when we actually needed the helicopters merely “desperately”, the Chretien/Martin Liberals forked over $500 MILLION taxpayer dollars—just to get out of the deal.  That’s the price of Liberal politics. On the good side, that was money the CBC didn’t get.  And then they took 10 years to decide on a new deal.  Which will cost multiples more than the original deal which they said was too expensive. 

But now—and this is the funny part—the company that lost the new bid is claiming that there was political interference in the bidding process, and have won the right to fight them in court.  Another judicial embarrassment.  Gomery wasn’t enough. 

And how strange that there would be allegations of political interference—these being Liberals that we’re dealing with.  But, sure enough!  And I can’t wait to hear what the politics was in this case.  And where the paper trail leads. 

I’m quite sure Mr. Martin knows nothing about this, either.  He knows nuttin’ about nuttin’, we’re told!

Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal has cleared the way for a full trial over Ottawa’s handling of a $5-billion contract to replace the military’s fleet of aging Sea King helicopters.

A panel of three Federal Court of Appeal judges ruled late Tuesday evening the case can proceed. It took them less than 10 minutes to consider an appeal launched by lawyers representing the Department of Defence and Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., that argued the issue should not be heard.

AgustaWestland Inc., the leading company in an Italian-British consortium, originally brought allegations of political interference to the Federal Court in Ottawa on Sept. 1, 2004.

The company’s bid for its Cormorant helicopters to replace the Sea Kings was rejected this summer in favour of a bid by rival Sikorsky, based in the United States.

Since then, AgustaWestland has taken legal action to force Ottawa to hand it the deal or start the selection process over again.

The initial contract process took over 10 years.

[…] It also accused the ruling Liberals of deliberately skewing the selection to avoid picking its EH-101 helicopter, which the Liberal government had rejected as an unaffordable luxury in 1993. […]

Oh yes and… vote liberal.

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