Liberals’ big big government days: lingering pain to last years

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For the second month in a row, Canada’s unemployment rate has risen.  But the trend in unemployment has been downward for a while and has only recently switched direction and started heading upward under Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin’s watch.  And it’s only half the not very good story.

The other half, which few pay any attention to but which literally screams for attention is that in this country, private sector employment drops while employment in governments continues to rise significantly

OTTAWA (CP) – An increased number of people looking for work last month pushed the jobless rate up to 6.6 per cent, from 6.5 per cent the month before, Statistics Canada said Friday.

[…] The economy actually shed about 16,000 private-sector jobs while about 42,000 positions were added in the public sector.

That last sentence exemplifies the trend in this country for a long time.  This is not an unusual statistic by any means for Canada under liberal-left big government regimes.  It’s just that nobody mentions it.

See StatsCan figures here. (Also look at your own provincial numbers). 

The liberal-left agenda is to have most or if possible ALL Canadians either fully dependent on the government for supports and entitlements and social programs; or to have Canadians actually working directly for one government level or another, in some department, subdivision, crown corporation, or any number of government operations, thereby making them dependent on the benevolent government that way; or to at least ensure that the private company Canadians work for is itself fully dependent on government corporate welfare schemes, loan guarantees, subsidies, and sundry largesse. 

Then, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy for liberal-left political parties to get re-elected over and over, because folks so totally rely on the government —their style of big government— for their very livelihood or even their life.  Families and independence and self-sufficiency and personal responsibility be damned. 

As we know, the not-so-hidden (to us) agenda of the you’ve got to be kidding party is to go even further than the left-wing Liberals, and slowly dismantle the capitalist system that Canada was built on, since they believe in national and global socialism, according to their own party constitution, which they never ever talk about.

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