When even the leftist state-run CBC and the leftist Toronto Star have to write stories about ongoing alleged corruption in the Liberal Party ranks, you just know it’s going to be yet another bad week for Liberals and their ongoing effort to pretend there’s no corruption right down into and throughout the deepest most innermost roots of their party.  We’re on week #499 now.

…The Toronto Star on Sunday reported that a federally funded non-profit charity rounded up and paid seven of its clients to work on the Volpe campaign for the leadership of the Liberal party.

The report alleges the Ottawa-based Career Foundation issued cheques to the seven clients, who worked for the Toronto MP during the recent Super Weekend delegate vote…

This, it should be remembered, is completely different than the other stories of corruption concerning Liberal leadership contenders and Prime Ministerial hopefuls Joe Volpe, and the other stories about Bare-Ass Bob Rae and his BC delegates.

But my goodness me.  The state-run CBC stops at nothing to seek out and find the most credible voices for comment in order to properly educate Canadians about the importance of being leftist.  In this example, we have the CBC finding none other than the urinating nutbar Ashley MacIsaac to obtain his meaningful viewpoint (which they reported for us with a spelling errors, even spelling his name wrong) on this matter.

Well-known musician Ashley McIsaac [SIC], also a Liberal, says Volpe should remain in the race.

“I don’t think politics is a business where you step down over a mishap that may or may not have been your responsiblity [SIC],” said the Cape Breton fiddler. “There’s other people involved.”

I wrote about the urinating filth that is Ashley MacIsaac before.  Read it all here.  See how it actually says as much about the state-run CBC and the Liberal Party as it does about MacIsaac.

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