Liberals staying in Big Gov Resort: so much government, so many regs, we need a “concierge”

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The Article

[dropcap]It[/dropcap] actually made me laugh. The big government stupidity, the big government solution, the glib nature of the big government presenting the supposed solution to it — all of it.

Even the media’s delivery of this news — in the National Post’s Financial Post section (ostensibly its business section) struck me as funny because it’s really a story about extreme government run amok — it’s not really about business. But cut them a break — they have no “Socialist Post” section.

“Ottawa to create one-stop hub for
international investment with $218 million price tag”

…During the Liberal government’s first year in office, Freeland [Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland, who also makes me laugh on her best days] said several investors have complained that it is too difficult to deal with multiple levels of government on different points of regulation or policy….

So there’s now so much government; so many levels and layers and so much regulation and policy nonsense, that the government needs another layer — another bureaucracy — a freaking “concierge” — just to help business people from abroad to sort through the muck that already exists? THAT’S the solution?

I suspect they’re only too well aware of the future they imagine, and are paving the way for even more layers of government, more regulations, more government writ large. They’re liberals.

Note that we the taxpayers will of course pay the (so-called) $218 MILLION price tag — which I guarantee you will rise to $650 MILLION in no time flat.

“What they have told us, is that it is quite hard to navigate the spaghetti of different federal government ministries, of what provinces and territories are doing, and what cities are doing,” Freeland said.

So the “concierge” is a spaghetti-eater or something. But comparing the myriad regulations and layers of government to “spaghetti” is like comparing horse shit to thin mints.

“What companies were looking for is a single-window approach. When I say concierge services, I mean someone who could guide them through all the things that are attractive about investing in Canada.”

Now it’s a “single window,” through which will be the bright shiny face of a handy spaghetti-eating “concierge.” But if mixed metaphors are the way to talk about this, then let’s just call it what it is: this idea is actually like “horse shit.”

The government wants to hire a CEO and to have the new federal agency up and running within one year. Besides hiring staff, the government still needs to work out how the new agency will work alongside existing foreign investment promotion operations set up by provinces and municipalities.

A CEO, and obviously other officers, staff — tons of staff — offices, pension plans, and all those other things that go with another layer of government; another bureaucracy; another expansion of government; another taxpayer bill to be paid.

And the story goes on, reading every bit like something in Pravda out of the old Soviet Union.

How about just reducing the complexity of this country for businesses, such that they don’t need a “concierge” just to sort through the crap? What? That’s too obvious? Too cost-effective? Too government-reducing? Too regulation-reducing? Too conservative? Yeah. Too bad. Because now we all have to pay another $218 MILLION (or more like $650 MILLION) to get them out of their crap pile.

It’s because they’re liberals, and it’s liberals’ ideology to grow government instead of reducing it. Growing government is obviously at least as important to them as growing business. And businesses will check out of that resort right quick.

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