Liberal media puts article about 100% state-owned state-run monopoly in “BUSINESS” section

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The Article

A “Corporation?” It’s a plain old business story about a “corporation” expanding its trade, huh? So there’s no difference between privately-owned businesses and the state  —  or it makes no difference to you folks in the BUSINESS section of the privately owned media, huh?

Grow up, media. And tell the truth. Stop aiding and abetting the progressives and their socialist or fascist agenda. You’re supposed to question this kind of crap, not help them blur the lines of demarcation between the state and the private sector; between government and private enterprise; between free market capitalism on the one hand (the right hand) and socialism, fascism, or any other flavor of progressive politics like that in BC and much of Canada, on the left. Or indeed, the far left.

A newspaper  —  a private-sector business, thank God, unlike in Cuba and the former Soviet Union, and other socialist pits of despair — which casts itself as a watchdog for the people, should be very suspect of a government’s meddling in the marketplace, especially when the government is posing as if it were a regular business. Instead, in this example, they’re aiding and abetting the government.

How does the “Business” section editor not see this distinction? Or maybe they do, and are just playing along.

British Columbia Lottery Corporation is a 100% state-owned, state-run, monopoly, meddling in the marketplace as if it were a regular business — complete with all the usual business verbiage and titles like “CEO and President,” attending Board of Trade meetings, meeting “revenue targets,” and so on.

The media never once mentions it’s 100% state-owned and state-run, referring to it only as a “corporation.”

What a crock.

BCLC looks to export online systems

By Michael V’inkin Lee, Vancouver Sun June 29, 2012

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation is looking to export its PlayNow online betting system in an attempt to develop additional revenue streams beyond B.C.’s borders, its president and CEO says.

“We have expertise that would be valuable to other regulated gambling jurisdictions,” Michael Graydon said at a Vancouver Board of Trade luncheon Tuesday. “Launching online gaming is a major capital investment, not to mention the level of expertise that it takes to operate and manage the customer base.”

BCLC plans to take advantage of developing trends in mobile gambling on smartphones and tablets, he said, as well as assume the role of online gambling system vendor to other provinces’ gambling authorities.

Graydon said the corporation is taking a page out of Vantage Air-port Group’s playbook by turning its online regulated gambling model and know-how into products. That group’s handling of YVR operations and sub-sequent drive to market its airport management techniques served as an inspiration, he said.

This is a story that belongs in a different section — not the “BUSINESS” section. I suggest possibly starting a new section for stories about the myriad state-owned, state-run “corporations”, since there are so many, and given their monopoly powers, they sometimes totally dominate the news. Call it the SOCIALIST section or possibly the FASCIST section. That nomenclature would be exponentially more accurate than BUSINESS.


Oh and also:
The notion of the government thinking gambling is a core function of government, and it being involved in something as crass and with something so morally problematic as gambling, is another topic worthy of the severe questioning by all of us, not the least of which, the media.

The state should not be engaged in any business at all, whatsoever. What kind of government competes against its own citizens in business for profits? I think it should be banned, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.

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