Liberal Media “Arts” Reporter Should “Shut Up And…”, well, just shut up.

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Reading any of the mainstream liberal-left progressive newspapers, the one thing that will strike you aside from their liberal-left advocacy and bigotry against the conservative or traditional right, is that they will bend over backward, do multiple back-flips, leapfrog over logic and common sense, do multiple re-writes, strain credulity, and even make a total mockery themselves if need be, just to appear “politically-correct.”

Political-correctness is at the heart of liberalism.  And watching this phony little P-C exercise being repeated over and over is one of the funnest things about being a conservative. It’s literally funny how stalwart liberals avoid offending… certain people.

Stuart DerdyneAgain, that’s certain people. That obsessive P-C idiocy gets tossed out the window when the liberals are discussing folks who might be Republican, or conservative, or support their troops, or who are, say, US Patriots who demand less government intrusions into their lives, and lower taxes, and an adherence to the constitution. Then they go to the extreme opposite: they turn into intolerant louts, and all semblance of political-correctness flies out the window.

An actual mainstream newspaper review of the Dixie Chicks concert yesterday:

“Natalie Maines dissing Dubya permanently divorced Dixie Chicks from its cracker and Tea Party crowd. But the Dallas trio apparently didn’t offend anyone in B.C.”

It’s like they have no editors there. The Sunday review was in the Postmedia-owned Province newspaper, by the apparently very low-information and suddenly (though right on cue) intolerant and politically-incorrect staffer, Stuart Derdeyn. 

Where do I begin?

1. First of all, this is one example of how we know the liberal media is in fact liberal.  We know there are editors there, and an editor gave this article their thumbs-up. No bending over backward, no leapfrogging common sense, etc., in this case.

2. Secondly, I do appreciate the fact that this is only a concert review by an “arts” reporter, and not a political statement. Oh hang on, it was a political statement. It was both.

3. “Cracker” is an anti-white racist term used by, well, the word I’m going to use here is assholes. Mostly by hate-filled black people, much like the “n-word” is used by racist whites who are also dumb-asses. But also by smug jerks who think they’re hip, or are trying way too hard to appear hip, to people who are so shallow that this kind of BS would appeal to them. In this case I don’t even know what it means. Is Derdeyn suggesting that white folks stopped liking the Dixie Chicks, and that just black folks liked them after “dissing Dubya?” That’s just patently stupid.

But look  —  the Province sure didn’t bend over backward in valiant pursuit of their usual P-C-ness, in this instance, did they? I guess The Province will describe black people as “n-words” now.

4. “Dubya” is usually used in the media by hack liberals who have a hate-on for George W. Bush. The Canadian example is where trolls use “Stevie” instead of “prime minister Harper” or “Stephen Harper.” For several examples, look at comments. Sure, it’s a contextual thing. In this instance by Derdeyn, it is to be read as derogatory.

5. This part is really fantastic: in his effort to be hip again, and evoke more of that anti-conservative intolerance he seems to think is so cool amongst his liberal-left conservative-intolerant friends, he brings up “The Tea Party crowd,” and just as with his use of “Dubya,” it is used in the pejorative.

But wait: “The Tea Party” did not exist while “Dubya” was in office back in 2003, when the Dixie Chicks started making complete fools of themselves with their in-concert, anti-Iraq-war line “Just so you know, we’re ashamed that the president of the United States is from Texas,” and falling out of favor amongst most of America. The tea party movement (and BTW, there is no capital T and capital P “Tea Party” since it isn’t a party but rather a loose affiliation of millions of grassroots Americans) started only after Barack Obama was elected. The “Tea Party” had utterly nothing to do with the Iraq war, which was the object of the Dixie Chicks asininity. Nothing. At all. Zip. The two events did not occur at the same time. They were years apart. And “The Tea Party” today has virtually nothing to say about the Iraq war except that probably most of them would be against it today. And they are certainly no great fans of “Dubya” and his profligate ways.

6. We’re almost done with our review of the idiocy. The Dixie Chicks weren’t done-in because they were (in England, mind you) “dissing Dubya,” the fact is, they were in effect “dissing” millions of people, including soldiers and spouses and families of soldiers getting ready to go to war in Iraq, and the were effectively “dissing” millions of Americans who supported the war for good reason, at the time. George W. Bush had an unheard of 70% approval rating at the time.

7. And finally, Derdeyn claims the Chicks “didn’t offend anyone in BC” with their idiocy?  Not anyone?  Well that’s some sound science right there. They offended me and other sensible people. I guess “everyone” in the audience thought the concert was fantastic too. Everyone  —  you know, because Derdeyn liked it, and he saw some people clapping and cheering and everything.

The take-away problem here (and another one of the things that we conservatives laugh at liberals about) is how liberals think everyone in the room agrees with them. It’s hideously funny.

Let me assure you I cannot even begin to summon the crap to give about the Dixie Chicks. It’s obviously the drip-by-drip left-wing and anti-conservative advocacy by everyone including even arts reviewers like Stuart Derdeyn, and the abject hypocrisy, and the hideous inconsistency in journalistic standards and practices, that turns me off all of them  —  the Dixie Chicks and their like-minded fools in the liberal media.

Just as the Dixie Chicks should “shut up and sing,” as many in the crowd shouted at them when the Dixie Chickss’ Natalie Maines smugly shouted out her politics at a concert in England, Derdeyn should shut up and, well, just go to pop concerts. Everyone in BC would benefit.


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