Liberal-Dhalla-Gate: Now a THIRD (foreign) servant launches complaint against Dhalla

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The Article

The (foreign!) fleet of Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla’s family servants is growing. 

And so are the complaints of servitude. 

…A third foreign worker has complained of being treated as a low-paid servant by the Dhalla family.

The 32-year-old woman says MP Ruby Dhalla promised she would help the Filipino national stay in Canada if she passed a tryout at the Mississauga home. The test turned out to be brutal working conditions, and long hours, and money paid under the table. Nine days later, the woman quit. 


She was eventually paid $370 cash for working 12 hours a day for 9 days. After she left, two other people were hired as nannies, and both of them have complained of poor treatment. …

Toronto Star

For those of you at home yearning to work for Ruby Dhalla, she or her family apparently pay about $3.43 per hour.  And you get to wash her floors and scrub her carpets every day. 

imageAnd here, once again, is a picture of a white stretch limo like the one that Limousine Liberal Ruby Dhalla reportedly arrived in at the Liberal Party convention in Vancouver last week.

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Did I mention that the LIBERAL MP Ruby Dhalla showed up in a WHITE STRETCH LIMO?


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