Liberal Canada: Pride gets $1 million to promote LGBTQ2+ tourism


Vancouver’s most important thing to its left-wing politicians, after bike lanes and what they call “the climate emergency,” is its gay community (well, gay and all sorts of sexual stuff included within the increasingly longer “LGBTQ2+” initialism). So it is on the hotlist to get some of your federal tax dollars redistributed. Because Vancouver isn’t sufficiently gay-centric or gaycepting (or whatever it is they’re trying to promote), and there are way too many tax dollars as you know. So it’s a win-win that way.

But here’s some stupid lines in the page A4 news report:

Vancouver’s Pride Parade, which celebrated its 40th anniversary last year, was ranked as the 42nd best pride parade in the world by travel website HometoGo.

Am I crazy or is that a totally shitty ranking? After 40 years, Vancouver is 42nd best? How many non-socialist/communist, non-muslim cities that anybody has heard of are there in the world? Maybe 50? Putting the word “best” beside 42nd is itself a fail.

Then there’s this yawn:

A 2018 survey by Community Marketing and Insights, a San Francisco-based LGBTQ2+ marketing firm, found Vancouver was the third-most popular destination among gay, lesbian and bisexual men and women in Canada behind Toronto and Montreal.

Read carefully. It’s THIRD among LGBTQ2+ CANADIANS. Canada’s third most popular city is third most popular among even the gays! Even them! We aren’t so different after all! But seriously: that, my friends and family gay and otherwise, is spectacularly, flamingly, gay, if you will.

You know what Canada needs more? A day when tax dollars are saved instead of spent. Fly that flag. Make us number one in not being hundreds of billions in debt. I’d settle for third.

Joel Johannesen
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