UPDATED: Liberal Big Gov gives RCMP contract to… Communist-Chinese-linked firm. I’m not even joking.

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The Article

It’s a Liberal government foul-up. But let’s face it: it’s also really just yet another Big Government and Big Bureaucracy foul-up. (And yes, “foul-up” is being exceedingly polite, and better words could be found under F in the dictionary.)

I’m not even talking about this one:

Never mind that the Liberals are there to oversee government including the federal bureaucracy and its myriad yummy daily spending decisions. A bureaucracy which, as is once again totally obvious, and as I have been warning for decades — has grown and grown and is now clearly too big to control, even after having hired countless tens of thousands of other extra bureaucrats to handle the overseeing of the first group of millions of federal bureaucrats on account of the bureaucracy — government  — growing so big for some reason which cannot be explained by science. And never mind the Liberal government’s first job and first responsibility is to protect our national security and democracy and freedom, etc. Just never mind that for now.

It seems the Big Liberal Government Bureaucracy division of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Ottawa put a contract out for tender seeking secure communications equipment to be used by the nation’s national police force, the RCMP. The equipment would be used to do the important work of ensuring, for example, that the Chinese Communists are stopped from their ongoing work of spying on Canada, infiltrating our politics, stealing our secrets, bullying Canadian citizens and politicians into advancing their reach into Canada, and interfering in our elections, among their other existential threats to Canada.

Using its magical powers of “We’re The Smart Set,” the Big Government gifted the contract to a company… linked to and partially owned by none other than a huge national security risk, the Communist Chinese. And the parts for this security equipment are marked… “FABRIQUE EN CHINE.” As if I had to tell you.

The extent of the danger of this sort of thing, and even this particular company, is known to most Earthlings who aren’t high on the pot, but just not the Liberal Government’s Big Bureaucracy Kids, who apparently share a lot in common with the woke Twitter kids who used to work at Twitter before they quit or were fired and moved back into their parents’ basements where they can continue to try to censor conservatives and heterodox speech and ideas.

The company in question, “Sinclair Technologies,” is controlled by a company called “Hytera,” which is on the U.S. security watch list, which is available even to Twitter Kids, much as the New York Post’s story on the Biden laptop was before they banned it for “safety” and “security” reasons. (Here is a link. And here’s a link to the Biden story at NYP in 2020.)  This company is actually — literally — a national security threat. They are charged with espionage. 21 counts. That’s who the RCMP are now relegated to rely upon to, among other things, protect us plebs in Kanuckistan from the Chinese Communists. Thanks, kids. Good job.

The United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) blacklisted Hytera in 2021. The FCC says the company is one of several Chinese firms that pose “an unacceptable risk to the national security of the United States or the security and safety of United States persons.”

Sales and imports of Hytera equipment are banned in the United States as a result.

It’s all the more strange because reportedly, the other competitor in the bid was from Quebec. The Trudeau government chose a Communist Chinese-controlled company on a security watch list, with parts ironically marked FABRIQUE EN CHINE, over a Quebec-controlled company. To save $60,000. In case you’re stupid, $60,000 is how much the Liberals spend on erasers and shredders each week. For more context, $60,000 is 0.00022% of that 27 BILLION of fake or false or fraudulent or “oopsies” “Covid” payments the government made to ghosts, or dead people, or who knows who (but I’d like names, please). That’s two ten-thousandths of one percent of 27 billion.

I wonder how much it will cost to repair this colossal error. I estimate it will be 40-50 million dollars. The kids can’t pick their butts off their comfy high-priced computer gaming office chairs without it costing millions.

Speaking of butts, here’s the part of the article we read and are then permitted to shit our pants and then send our pants to the Justin Trudeau PMO for drycleaning (if drycleaning hasn’t yet been banned due to their “climate emergency” and “climate crisis” industrial complex):

A spokesperson for Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), the department that awarded the contract, said in response to Radio-Canada’s questions that PSPC did not take security concerns and Sinclair’s ownership into consideration during the bidding process.

They weren’t even looking. It’s like they don’t even care. Or like they’re trying to wreck the place.

Just before hitting PUBLISH… National Post now reports that Justin Trudeau has “real concerns” about this.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he has “some real questions” for the federal public service, which signed a contract with a company with ties to the Chinese government to provide the RCMP with sensitive communications equipment.

The “news” media kids did not ask Trudeau why who the hell he thinks he is, inasmuch as he is blithely passing the buck despite it being him and his government who have sole responsibility to oversee the federal bureaucracy and yet have clearly failed so badly at pretty much the nut of their job in government — keeping our nation safe and secure. And for which they get paid three times as much as you and me on average.

Let us barf.

UPDATE Dec 8 2022:


But the scandal grows:


And there’s this bit of misinformation (or at least sloppy-as-hell-reporting) from Global News: Whoever wrote this tweet is either engaging in utter dishonesty, running cover for their boy Trudeau by maliciously tying previous governments (“since 2009”) to the malfeasance of Trudeau; or they’re in need of a brushup in journalism. The company in question was only acquired by the Chinese commies in 2017. Trudeau was elected in 2015.


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