Kitchen reno done like dinner.

Kitchen is almost completely done. I’ll post some pictures once it’s all cleaned up.

Now, on to a bathroom reno. Out with the tub, in with a shower stall. Etc, etc.

Then I’ll be back at it here. After a U.S. and Canadian elections and a possibly even stupider one in BC (yes, stupider, if you can even remotely believe that), which, collectively, made for one of the most hebetudinous, most idiotic, most anti-intellectual periods of my entire life — and, I would contend, one of the most in a generation or more for most of us — I needed this break from politics and the increasingly ubiquitous moronics. Even if the reno work is tough as Hell and my fingers and hands are often literally bloody and raw and worked to the bone.

Just about anything is better than listening to Justin Trudeau blather on endlessly, and inevitably wrongly, regarding some inane topic about which he assumes we all universally agree (but mercifully don’t — not even close); or listening to Dr. Theresa Tam, at all, ever (my circular saw sounds charming by comparison!); or Chrystia Freeland speak in her ever-so careful slow-mo; or the CNN bobblehead idiots and their almost identically-minded and identical-sounding counterparts in Canada using the identical words-du-jour to denounce any and all things and persons conservative… yeah I need a break.


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