“Justice” confused with “Libs Winning”

Justice Committee hearings

Both sides do it. Let’s get that straight. And it’s repugnant.

The Conservatives and NDP are asking questions of the witnesses designed to get to the bottom of the matter. It’s not their fault that this makes Liberals look horrible and that this all goes “their way.” In political cases like this, justice may seem to work in one party’s favor and not another, but ultimately, in a more macro way, justice obviously works in favor of all of us universally.

Liberals, though, are asking questions that are clearly designed to rehabilitate Liberals (and that includes the absolutely neutral and apolitical and always correct and lord knows, superior in all ways Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick, may God bless our souls). They are not seeking justice, they are thinking only of politics. Liberals. Seeking to whitewash, diffuse, obfuscate; and produce positive optics, political rehabilitation, increased polling numbers for Liberals, and ensure they maintain their position of political power. That’s decidedly not justice, and so it maligns our democracy and our institutions, etc. It is actually an abomination.

Joel Johannesen
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