“Increased Attack Rate” = The Progressives Are Offended

We have to feel lucky these attacks aren’t against Canada, but just against the website ProudToBeCanadian. If Canada were under attack, we’d have to just let the attacker shut us down or take us over. (Or do as they say and ensure Liberals are re-elected.)

Unlike Canada, I have defensive capabilities. And I kind of celebrate when we’re under attack! It means we’re over the target.

Whenever I post something the progressive set feels threatens their agenda, which is often, I get these rote notices from one of my firewalls:

This almost always follows posts either on PTBC or on Twitter (whence they search for anything they can find to attack me, and my Twitter bio includes this website).

They always fail. It’s like they’re unarmed. Which they are, in any number of ways.

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