Canadian Gov’s Right Hand: “Invest!” — Left Hand: “You Suck!”

Businesses are extremely reluctant to invest in Canada. Tons of data show that. This lack of investment is a serious, maybe even a grave problem for our economy.

So much so that the progressive governments in Canada have to pay them — bribe them — to set up shop here. VW gets $13 billion of taxpayer cash —or they’ll go elsewhere. Stelantis (Chrysler/Fiat) gets who-knows-how-many billions more. On and on. All to attract business and make up for Canada not being a very good environment or happy place to do business. Please come!, the right-hand says.

The left hand, meanwhile, publicly calls them out for, well, basically, for literally nothing. Specifically, for mirrors. F-ing mirrors. This left hand of government is, in this case, the state-owned CBC:

As I replied, like thanks, state-owned CBC — which despite its dubious reason to exist must surely exist to be, among other things, pro-Canada(!), and to boost up Canada and Canadians and inform Canadians about and celebrate our successes in every field including business!

In the face of all the obstacles to retail trade in the past few years all over the globe, Aritzia — a company that started as a family company with long Canadian roots, from scratch in Vancouver — has beaten all the odds with smarts, great management, good (Canadian!) people, tons of drive, and great entrepreneurial risk tolerance. Largely they did it, more recently (see graph accompanying this post), by expanding to the US, which again, is difficult even for American companies to do. But here’s a Canadian champ…

…So they must be attacked. By our own state-owned CBC.

What is wrong with these people? Are they pissed that Aritzia made — God and progressives forbid — a profit? Or is it that it isn’t state-owned —so how dare they succeed?

Your tax dollars at work.

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