I wonder who the liberal media’s TARGET audience is. Oh man did I say TARGET? Well shoot me dead.

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The Article

As the liberal and left-wing media try their hardest to parlay the Arizona shooting of a Democratic Congresswoman into another something to blame on and/or over which to try once again to assassinate Sarah Palin’s character, or find some other brilliant, scientifically calculated, direct straight line of fault to Sarah Palin, on the sound scientific basis that she once used common political jargon to “target” political opponents, let’s target the idiocy of the liberal media, once again. 

The New York Tines, Washington Post, and several others, have all made an early effort to specifically name Fox News Channel, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, the Republican Party, the “tea party”, conservatives in general, Christians (yes, I’ve seen that today too), gun-rights advocates (even though the Congresswoman was one), and of course Sarah Palin, and anything else that ticks off left-wingers and progressives generally, to blame for this lunacy.  So let’s take a hard look at their idiocy.

No stop.  Let’s not.  Any media — any person — who attempts to blame Sarah Palin or anybody else for this heinous crime by a total nutbar is signs advocating the murder of Bush are cool with mediaunworthy of further comment, and should have their talking or writing license revoked by the talking/writing license authority board (and if there isn’t one, they should see the value of free speech advocated by conservatives and not by them).  So no hard looks.  Just passive examples of their idiocy and hypocrisy. 

Such media and persons in politics and the media should be treated as the bad joke that they are; as bereft of intellect, incapable of forming cohesive, coherent, intelligent thought.  They should never hold office, and if they’re in office, should be removed from office (no, idiots, not by guns, but by ballots).  And if they’re in the media, they should be fired (not fired at by a gun, idiots, but by bosses) for total incompetence; and everyone should stop buying/watching/reading/listening to their crap-filled wares. 

Now let’s look at the nutbar who was the shooter:  While the Left in politics and media have already started and will continue to portray him as a Sarah Palin/right-wing fanatic, he actually appears to be… well let’s start here:  he is 22, for goodness sake, which for most confused (by public schools) young kids today is too young to be pigeon-holed into any political side, these days.  And indeed he seems conflicted at best — having joined what one could perceive as a right-wing organization one day, and trying (but failing) to gain entry in the U.S. Army; but spending most of his time being just another left-wing idiot.  Again.  Yes, this happens all the time —a nutbar the media portrays as a “right-winger” or a “conservative”, but actually turns out to be another far-left idiot.  And worse, the media knows it, full well, but choose to leave out those bits in their zeal to advocate against conservatives. 

One girl in Arizona who lives close to the location of the shooting, and knew the shooter, named Catie Parker, says in her Twitter account that she went to high school and college with the idiot (although they were friends at the time and politically on the same team), and was in a band with him. The band was called “Anti-Flag” if I understand her half-coherent Twitter ramblings correctly.  Politically, she described his politics as “left wing, quite liberal, & oddly obsessed with the 2012 prophecy.”

Here are some screen captures:

In a MySpace page he lists one of his favorite books as the “Communist Manifesto”.  This is not likely one on “Sarah’s Favorite Books” list.

A youtube video portrays him burning an American flag:  sort of the opposite of what a conservative patriot would do.

And there’s much more.  But it’s largely irrelevant, except of course to point out the perfidy of the liberal-left mainstream media — which is indeed very important.

This left-wing media can’t help but use this shooting as yet another grand opportunity to bash — I like the term “assassinate the character of” in this instance — Sarah Palin and other conservatives, because she once depicted that congresswoman and many others as being the “target” of the election “battle” who needed to be defeated in the just-past election.  She put some political districts in the “crosshairs”.  Ipso facto, she caused the murder of this woman and her colleagues.  Now you’re thinking like a total idiot, which, if I’m not mistaken, is what they hope you’ll do, without knowing it of course

What anti-intelligence claptrap from the liberal media.  And what hypocrisy. 

The CBC, as just one example, couldn’t stop itself:

But almost all the media did exactly the same, using the same illogical references to Sarah Palin. 

But here are just some of the hundreds or thousands of examples of the use of the term “target” and “crosshairs” in the left-wing and other media, recently (and I won’t even start to regurgitate all the graphics I’ve displayed here with George W. Bush literally shown in blood-stained and bullet-ridden crosshairs on protest signs and banners at even “moderately” left-wing rallies, to say nothing of the far-left ones)

The Province newspaper (Postmedia —same owner as National Post and others) in Vancouver used Sarah Palin’s “target” rhetoric to sell papers this morning on the basis of their being so principled and decent, I think:

But here they are using it themselves:

Here’s the NDP’s Pat Martin using the term in a “Friends of Canadian Broadcasting” article:

And others…

Here’s the National Post:

And more others…

And I could have gone on all morning posting pictures like this.  But shoot, you get the point. 


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