You remember last summer when “our” Ann Coulter (now at BOLDCOLORS.NET) tried to speak at a Canadian university but was prevented by a left-wing/liberal/progressive throng of blinkered students and professors (and at least one like-minded administrator with his preemptive missive/warning/accusation written to Coulter about being careful in what she says)? 

Mike Adams hits the mark today in his column, which so many who work in the state-owned, state-run schools and universities in Canada should read, because it’s all true and extremely important.  But they won’t.  It begs the question, as you’ll see.

Here’s a snippet:

Left State University

…Professor Irvine has discovered something I have also discovered about the liberal professoriate; namely, that they see no reason for debate. In their eyes, the debate is over on all the major issues of the day. Of course, in their eyes they won all the major debates. Now, the reward for winning these debates is that we can proceed into the implementation phase. Of course, professors rarely use the word

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