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Canada is having elections June 28 2004.  So I’m going to trot this theme out again because Canadians who support the Liberal-Left still refuse to believe it, admit it, discuss it, or even look at it.  Maybe you, reader, could pour them a damn good stiff drink and drink “to your health”.  Explain what you really mean by that.  After all, your health and that of your family and friends depend on them getting this stuff.

  • Twenty-eight countries have universal access to health care just like Canada does.  All but Canada, though, allow either a parallel private system to operate alongside of it, or some form of private involvement to one degree or another.

  • At least six of those countries have NO waiting lists.

  • Canada ranks at or near the BOTTOM in terms of delivering good health care outcomes.  In every category except one, Canada often ranks near the middle of the pack, but often at or near the very bottom.

  • The World Health Organization ranked Canada #30 in terms of the efficient delivery of health to its citizens.

  • Canada spends THE MOST of any of those 27 other universal-access countries on their health care system.

  • In a recent (June 2004) joint Statistics Canada – U.S. government survey, Americans said they are (at least) satisfied with their system, more than Canadians said they are satisfied with theirs.  In other words, Americans like their system more than Canadians like theirs.

  • Low-income Americans are covered by publicly-funded “Medicaid”.  Seniors are covered by publicly-funded “Medicare”.  Eleven percent are uninsured, some by choice (Bill Gates getting insurance is a little redundant, and some choose to simply risk it).  Others cannot afford it on top of their new SUV and lawn furniture payments.

  • Canada has a two-tier system now, and has had for a very long time.  All doctors are private operators and many clinics—including many abortion clinics interestingly enough—are privately operated clinics that are all publicly-funded.

  • In another well buried survey, Canadians revealed they not only welcome more private invlovment, they WANT it.

  • Changing Canada’s health care system does not mean flipping it on its head and turning it into the excruciatingly tired and deceitful Liberal-Left clichÃ

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