Here’s one reason markets are tanking; and a solution moving forward

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The Article

I think one of the reasons the stock markets in the U.S. and Canada have been tanking is that investors are freaked-out that it appears “the left”, by their recent actions and apparent voting preference,  is taking over.  It appears the left-wing liberal Democrat, Barack Obama, will win the Presidency in the U.S..  And quite possibly, a left-wing liberal, the feckless taxer and Fabian socialist, Liberal Frenchman Stephane Dion, will win here (at the very least, the liberal-left or socialist Liberals and NDP and BLOC will massively dominate the seats in the Canadian Parliament). 

Investors—a large number of whom are just regular Canadians—are worried that Canada and America are going to be turned into socialist nanny-states, in earnest.  They’re worried about a more totally socialist America and Canada.  The near-end of the capitalist system that built our countries.

That’s what I think.

But I’m still holding out lots of hope.  While we still can exercise market freedom (as opposed to socialism), I’m going to take the coming historically great stock re-buying and investing opportunity to renew my investment strategy in this market—and by extension in our countries—going forward. 

First, I’m not going to invest money in any company that advertises on the state-owned CBC, or any other socialism-advancing or socialism-promoting “company” or organization.  I will ensure I invest in mutual funds that only hold stocks in companies that are capitalist-oriented—not supportive of socialism or socialist outfits like CBC;  or any of the others such as those that support, through advertising or sponsorship, depraved, left-wing causes.  Nor will I spend any of my regular consumer dollars on those companies. 

I’m also inclined to not invest in companies that accept government corporate welfare.  They’re inherently losers. 

Prove the free market actually does work, people.  That’s what I’m doing.

And I’ll save my donations to the rich Conservative Party until they promote capitalism and conservatism generally—socially and fiscally and in every right way—and I’ll redirect those funds (meager though they may be) to groups and organizations (like PTBC, if I may be so bold), that actually do support and advance conservatism including capitalism. 

Big changes are needed, and are afoot.  And most or all of those changes should come right from us—the folks.  Not the government or the Dions or the Laytons or the Obamas or other big government liberals and socialists of this world, whose big governments with their meddling in the free market and their social engineering, and more, caused this all.  We shouldn’t let big government—those now proven failures that they are—dictate to us how things will change and be rebuilt.  We should stand up for freedom—capitalism—free markets—power to the people—and therefore against everything the liberal-left stands for—the liberal-left socialism that threatens everything good that we stand for.  That’s the cure.

It will take some of that Canadian pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial spirit; and lots of personal responsibility, and lots of fight, and faith. And that’s fine because that’s what conservatives are about.  So if we all try, this might just work out fine.

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