The progressive and all-liberal BC Liberal Party nanny-state government in British Columbia has deigned that to their way of thinking, yet another one of the core functions of government aside from controlling the consumption of beer, salt, and private car insurance, private media, gasoline, income, and health care, is apparently to officially declare a work day off for… “families.” Families can now finally, legitimately, celebrate themselves, I guess! For as we know, nothing  —  even families  —  is official and sanctified and validated unless and until the government deems it so.

And so families will therefore be given an official government-mandated paid holiday by the benevolent government (taxpayers and businesses and their customers will pay for it of course, not “the government,” but that’s true of everything the state does). It’s on the 2nd Monday in  February. It’s official. The government made it so. Because government isn’t done social-engineering the people, and directing us as to how to behave, and meddling in our lives and our families’ lives and in the business market, just yet.

They’re called progressive for a reason.

Progressive governments are all about engineering society such that all people rely less and less on themselves, their families, and their immediate community, as they used to (for you “millennials,” we used to refer to this as “personal responsibility”). Rather, progressives seek to engineer society by creating all sorts of state-run social programs and entitlements and rules and regulations and policies, such that eventually, people abandon all self-reliance and family reliance until they rely mostly or only on the ever-growing, ever accommodating, know-better, nanny-state government  — for every facet of their lives. Progressives think they know how to create a state-engineered Utopia. Like they did in Cuba, the Soviet Union, and North Korea.

So there’s something galling and irksome  —  and maybe a tad Orwellian  —  about a progressive government that presumes to declare an official government-ratified holiday for “families,” in particular. The specter of the government, which wants families to rely on the government, offering families a paid day off  —  well that’s just ironic.  And perhaps also a little cynical. And possibly Machiavellian.

The rest of the day-off holidays I’m OK with  —  or less off-put. With the possible exceptions of “Labor Day,” and “Victoria Day.”

But at least the labor unions can’t also now claim that among all the other favorable work rules and regulations they falsely credit themselves for formulating (like working 8 hours a day instead of 16 like we otherwise would be today, and working just five days per week instead of 9 days per week, etc) they are to “thank” for this (and then force us to listen to their interminable speeches about it every “May Day” and Labor Day). Rather, it’s the politicos in government whom they own, who did this.



I enjoyed the CTV BC twitter accounts fumbling on the matter this morning, as they rushed out this tweet:

“BREAKING: Family Day holiday in BC will officially be on every 2nd Monday in February. 1st BC Family Day will be on Feb 11, 2013 #bcpoli”

..only to clarify it moments later with this, just in case you’re COMPLETELY stupid and fraught with “confusion.”:

“Family Day will officially be on the second Monday every February, not every second Monday in February, to clarify any confusion. #bcpoli”

 Maybe the province will have to establish its own state-owned, state-run media like the national CBC in order to better communicate its glorious ideas with the people.

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