I put my dirty coffee cup on this ad this morning out of disdain for the Sovietness I found myself in.

What kind of government competes against its own citizens in business for profits?  Especially in the forum of ideas, and Government - CBC  -  Soviet-style adpolitics, and news generally?

Not one that values freedom.  Not one that values small government, and not one that is concerned about the intrusion of ever-growing government into the lives of a less and less free and democratic people.  Nor one that favors private enterprise and free-markets and capitalism as a general matter.

ALSO NOTE the co-sponsorship of this ad by a private enterprise company which concerns itself with free enterprise, free markets, and capitalism as a general matter:  Bank of Nova Scotia’s “iTRADE” subdivision.  Complicit with the state in ruining free enterprise, free markets, and capitalism as a general matter?  Yes. 

What kind of company would do that?  What do you call a situation in which companies become complicit with the government which regulates and licenses them?

You make the call.  Are you going to nurture this kind of third-world socialist crap? 

Find another broker.  And watch CTV’s or Global’s shows, which are private citizen-owned network’s shows, which are forced to compete against the state and its state-owned politics-advocacy shows. 

And vote for people who are on your side.  On the side of Canada.

Joel Johannesen
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