The liberalvision CTV caused no end of confusion when they showed this picture of the new “BABY TRUDEAU”.

But seriously, on liberalvision CTV Newsnet’s Mike Duffy Live liberal hour today:

Introducing the pair of liberal media sisters, the Globe and Mail’s Ottawa Bureau Chief Brian Laghi and sister CTV Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife, Mr. Duffy begins with the words ”…To put it all in perspective for us….”

That’s a hint for those of us in the sensible set who aren’t liberals.  When we hear liberals say things like that, it means head for the hills, here comes something that totally lacks perspective and is all about liberals, for liberals, and about their collective liberal fortunes.  As we know, when liberals speak, they think everyone in the room agrees with them.

Here’s part of Mr. Laghi’s (of what they call “Canada’s National Newspaper”), um, perspective: 

On mentioning the positive news that supposedly arises for the Liberals as a result of Liberal hero Marc Garneau re-joining the Liberal fight, Duffy also mentioned that Justin Trudeau and his wife just had a baby today. 

It’s “Other good news for the Liberals …  It’ll be something that’ll put Liberals on the front pages,” Duffy said, to which Brian Laghi replied,

“Ah it will remind people of Mr. Trudeau and all that CAMELOT that uh went on back then so it will put a little spring in their step I suppose because they’ll be talking about a hero.”

“Camelot”.  A “hero”.  I guess that’s one “perspective”.  The perspective of liberals only, but that’s one. 

Here’s a dictionary definition:  (
2.  A place or time of idealized beauty, peacefulness, and enlightenment.

And I presume he meant that the “hero” that “people” will be talking about in this case is Pierre Trudeau, not Justin (…although hang in there, Justin: it won’t be long!). 

The CTV Newsnet banner said “BABY TRUDEAU”.  Not sure if that’s an instruction to us or what.  In the case of this dialogue, it could well have been replaced by “CODDLE TRUDEAU”.