Get some sense on “racism.” Get some truth. Stop with the BS.

You won’t find it — truth — in nearly any establishment media. Nearly any.

You could read this linked article (below) and get smarter, or you could just read another Globe and Mail opinion piece and literally get dumber. You could read this and gain insight, or watch the state-owned CBC or liberalvision CTV and get brainwashed even more than you already have been by their BS.

I suggest you read this. You can read the first few hundred words without a subscription, but if you aren’t a WSJ subscriber, you can turn that mistake around. It will be the best $9.99 (USD) per month you will spend on honest information (and no, I do not get a kickback):

Wall Street Journal
Progressives Put the Racial ‘Equity’ Squeeze on Biden
The left wants a spoils system on steroids. If the president gives it to them, heaven help us.

By Jason L. Riley
Feb. 2, 2021

Read the article, and watch video that accompanies it, which for some reason I can include here even for those without a subscription.

Wonder Land: “Systemic racism” is a systemic forgetting of 55 years of urban policy failure. Image: Scott Heins/Getty Images

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