Gerry NichollsOur friend Gerry Nicholls of the National Citizens Coalition has written an excellent editorial about the Canadian Auto Workers Union boss Buzz Hargrove and his union, called Why the CAW (really) left the NDP behind.    It’s in our Columnist Section.

It is a real eye-opener. 


Are you ready for this? According to In the Eye of the Storm, the CAW is cutting off ties with the NDP because New Democrats are too right wing. Yes, that’s right, Canada’s official socialist party, the party led by social activist Jack Layton, is not left wing enough for Buzz Hargrove.

[…]  And what is his ultimate goal?

Well, once again, it’s clearly spelled out in the convention paper: He wants to replace Canada’s capitalist system with socialism. “Past attempts to build socialism have met with mixed results. … But that does not stop us from trying,” says the CAW paper.

I’ve long warned people that the NDP’s own constitution spells things out in much the same terms—they stand for global socialism—and overthrow of the capitalist system as we know it, wherever it exists—including Canada. 

And yet like Buzz,  neither NDP leader Jack Layton nor anybody else from the you’ve got to be kidding party feel confident enough or forthright enough about their own philosophical position to speak up about it and campaign on it during election campaigns.  They don’t even mention it during elections.  Nor does the state-run CBC or any other mainstream liberal Canadian media for that matter.  You’d think they would!

Despite world socialism being what they’re all about, when was the last time you heard Layton or Buzz or any socialist get up on a soap box—even on state-run media—and proclaim:  “We must overthrow capitalism in the country and help create a new world order…. SOCIALISM!…”? 

Read Gerry’s column!  (And after reading it, please try to reserve comments about the column to the comments section of the column itself, rather than commenting here about it and dividing the comments into two places.  Know what I mean?

Joel Johannesen
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