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The Article


• Liberalvision asks a question, and leads you to answer the way they want you to.  That’s always fun stuff… from a supposedly objective news web site.

Today’s Question
Should a bailout be offered to cash-strapped Greece?
Yes, otherwise all of Europe will suffer — 39%
No, it will open the floodgates for others — 61%

No is the correct answer.  Why cover for the abject failures of huge, progressive, nanny-state, dependence-inducing government, the likes of which progressives in Canada and the U.S. and the world over dream;  and why cover for the abject failure of socialism like theirs, and lead to more? 

I can see why progressives in media would push poll as CTV deceptively did this morning.  They really really want it to succeed.  Or as cartoonist Eric Allie imagines it….

• The far-left’s Toronto Star is asking, sort of but not really rhetorically, this morning:

Should Canada have a national bird?

The correct answer is YES, but only if bona fide conservatives get to choose it (stick to your knitting, Peter MacKay and “strategists” like Geoff (Elmer Fudd) Norquay). See, we don’t want it to be the French Flou Flou, or a Woodpecker, or Ignatieff’s purdy little Puffin birdy, whatever else the trendy, PC progressive ballerinas would choose. 

Actual comment by an obviously liberal, typical Canadian leftist wuss, and exemplary Toronto Star reader and fan:  ”…The loon evokes calmness, serenity and peace – all the qualities that epitomize Canada throughout the world …”.  Dear God, man.

I’m thinking a Falcon or a Northern Harrier or, and here’s your winner, an Osprey.  Or any bird which is never, ever seen in Ontario or Quebec.

Of course there’s also one called Clark’s Nutcracker, but that would be Maureen McTeer wouldn’t it?  Abort!

And finally…
Play along at home!  Here’s the Globe and Mail’s Top Ten most viewed stories today.  Your job is to jumble up the words to form funner sentences:

1. Giant beaver dam in Alberta visible from space
2. Stronach to cede control of Magna
3. Manulife reports $1.15-billion profit
4. RIM chokes on its iPad killer
5. Canada in league of its own when it comes to risky debt
6. Conservative MP implicated in alleged mortgage scam worth millions
7. Guergis removed as candidate, CTV reports
8. BCE earnings soar past expectations
9. Iron Man 2: Twice the action, half the soul
10. Tories maintain lead but ‘public indifference’ reigns

Just want to add this one extra headline from

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