Freedom Party of Ontario selects Mark Fournier

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The Article

Mark Fournier of is running in the Ontario provincial election as a Freedom Party candidate.  Mark smartly decided against running as a Liberal of course—or even a Liberal Party Too candidate under leader John Tory whose party is called the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. 

I would encourage those of you living in the Kingston and the Islands riding to strongly consider supporting Mark.  What an excellent MPP he’d make, especially being from a third party which rejects the liberal-left tax and spend mindset and respects fiscal conservative principles such as lower taxes and spending, and private options in health care. 

Here’s their news release:

Freedom Party of Ontario leader Paul McKeever today announced that Freedom Party has nominated Kingston resident Mark Fournier as its candidate for the riding of Kingston and the Islands for the coming provincial election.  The 54 year old Fournier is co-founder of Canada’s most influential political discussion forum,

“Mr. Fournier is one of Canada’s most hard-working advocates of lower taxes and a better a life”, says McKeever.  “I am honoured that he accepted my personal invitation to run as the Freedom Party candidate in Kingston and the Islands.  He is a high-profiled example of principle in action which, I trust, others of principle will follow and support.”

“I am proud to have my candidacy nominated by the Freedom Party of Ontario” says Fournier.  “I certainly could have put my name forward for nomination by a larger party.  However, I could not, in good conscience, represent the tax-and-spend liberal agenda being proposed by both the Liberal and Progressive Conservative parties in this election. 

“Between the Liberal and Progressive Conservative parties, I am seeing not leadership, but a game of who can spend more of the taxpayer’s earnings.  Mr. Tory is promising to repeal the McGuinty health premium, but he is on the record as refusing not to increase other taxes.  With $13B in additional spending being promised by the Progressive Conservatives, and over $20B being promised by the Liberals, one can only conclude that a Tory or McGuinty government would increase our taxes overall. 

“The taxpayer needs a voice in Ontario’s Legislature at Queens Park.  Only Freedom Party continues to be that voice.  As the MPP for Kingston and the Islands, I will not turn a deaf ear to those who are suffering an unfair tax burden.  I will vote against tax increases and advocate reductions in our tax burden, while focusing on the core issues of health care and education.

Fournier has been active politically at the federal level for ten years. He and Connie, his wife, have owned and operated Free Dominion for the past 6 and half years.

For further details, contact: Mark Fournier
Telephone: (613) 530-2753
e-mail: [email protected]
FPO website:
FPO’s YouTube Channel:

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