Fox News Channel Not Allowed in Canada

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The Article

Left-wing zealots always complain about censorship—like the ones I censure after they try to wreck this website with regular barrages of obscene hate-filled emails and posts in their effort to silence good right-thinking conservatives who are threatening to the liberal world inasmuch as they have, you know, “values”. It’s a strangely censorish attitude for lefties to take, but then they’re liberals and there’s simply no explaining them.  (Typical counter-argument from a liberal: “You’re stupid!” End of argument.)

Fox News Channel is banned in Canada by the left-wing zealots and Liberal government appointees who regulate what Canadians are allowed to watch using one of their favorite political tools, the state-run “CRTC” (which stands for the very typically Liberal government bureaucratic-sounding “Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission”).  The CRTC is stacked with liberals.  Duh. Most of the Canadian political institutions that control Canadian lives—what they see, how they think, how they’re taught—are stacked by liberals.

It may come as a surprise to Canadians that the TV they watch is only what the CRTC decides they will watch.  It is not a free market.  It is a fully state-regulated market. Unelected Canadian government bureaucrats decide what the people will see on TV, and what they will not be allowed to see.


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