Talk about foreign influence. And collusion. And influence peddling.

I’m not talking about Joe Biden or his son Hunter and their Ukraine problems, nor even their problems related to Hunter Biden accepting $1.5 BILLION in a cash investment from China after flying there with dad in Air Force Two. I worry about it right here at home. We don’t know all of what they’re doing, but we do know that for many years, China, through its consulates and its expatriate students at various Canadian universities, has sought to influence and change minds of Canadians in Canada. It’s working. Here’s the opening of a news item from Global News yesterday:

Canada is failing to combat the spread of Chinese influence that is “alive and well” throughout the country, one prominent student leader says.

And she argues the presence of politicians like former Ontario trade minister Michael Chan as a headliner at a rally last week to mobilize the Chinese diaspora against pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong is just another sign of how far Beijing’s influence has spread. …

Lhamo cited the influence the Chinese government is able to extend through the Confucius Institute, a network of hundreds of centres around the world funded by the Chinese government and branded as educational programs that offer services like Mandarin lessons to students.

But critics argue they are in fact a propaganda arm for the Chinese state used as a means to mobilize pro-Beijing actors in their regions. …

In Canada, CSIS has already issued warnings about Chinese influence across all levels of government in this country and declassified intelligence reports pointed to the creation of the centres as part of China’s plans to exert soft power abroad.

Do your own research on the Confucius Institute in Canada. You won’t have time to worry about the Bidens.

And if you don’t think all this danger extends to our elections, our governments, and our democracy itself, then you’re smoking pot. Through its consulates in Vancouver and across Canada, China has also “supported” various politicians and their official events — official Canadian government-related events. What is this support for? Just to be nice? Sure sure.

According to the Delta Optimist (Glacier Media):

Despite Union of B.C. Municipalities (UBCM) delegates voting 65.5% against accepting foreign sponsorship money for its annual convention, local leaders flocked to a Vancouver event put on by the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China Wednesday.

Imagine the concept of more than a third of these elected officials voting to accept foreign — communist party — sponsorship for their official government-related business. One mayor is having none of this sort of influence-peddling by the Chinese communists: Port Coquitlam Mayor Brad West (who I note, for interest, is no right-winger).

“UBCM should not be taking money from foreign governments,” he said to protesters outside the reception event who were with the Canadian Friends of Hong Hong (CFHK) and the Vancouver Society in Support of Democracy.

West maintains municipal politicians should realize China is not sponsoring events “out of the kindness of their hearts.” Rather, he said, it’s a slow and methodical form of gaining influence.

Protester Wing On Cheung of Richmond called the reception “bribery.”  “It is definitely unacceptable,” he said.

Somebody get Adam Schiff on the horn.

“The government of China is looking to expand its influence in British Columbia,”  West said.

CFHK’s Fenella Sung said the sponsorship is cash for access to B.C. politicians, putting undue influence on elected officials.

The far-left mayor of Victoria is Lisa Helps. She’s the one who, in an episode of epic virtue-signalling worthy only of Justin Trudeau, and in a public taxpayer-paid display of her “woke” bona fides, had her city workers tear down the statue of Canada’s first Prime Minister, John A. Macdonald, from its prominent place in the city.

I mention her because she happily attends the communists’ receptions.

But, none of that was deterring municipal leaders like Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps, who earlier in the day said she would attend the Chinese reception.

Helps said she had been invited, and that one of Victoria’s sister cities is Suzhou, China.

“I go to all of the receptions I’m invited to,” Helps said. “This one is no different.”

It’s a LITTLE different.

Quite apart from propriety of sistering-up with, of all the choices in the world, a city in a murderous communist dictatorship which places no value on freedom or democracy or religious rights or even human rights, which is falsely imprisoning Canadians, Helps says she goes to all the receptions, no matter the sponsor.

I don’t believe that. Let’s test it: hey you pro-pipeline folks, or pro-history folks: time to throw a reception! Somehow I think Helps would then only attend “select” receptions.

The murder of untold millions in China at the hands of the communist dictatorships, and the political imprisonment of untold millions more, denying basic human rights and religious rights, all of this carrying on to this very day, as even today, Canadians are being held in their cages, doesn’t stop Helps from cocktailing with the communists; but Canadian John A. Macdonald must, must, must be destroyed immediately. That’s your progressive lunacy right there in a nut.

New Westminster Coun. Chuck Puchmayr said much the same.

“I’ve attended every year,” he said.

Mr. Puchmayr’s rationale is far more solid, you guys: He attends every year, so. Please. No more questions. (Not even those about that statue of a judge — a Canadian — he also be demanded be torn down in his town.) He’s a former NDP MLA.

Here’s a couple of Canadian politicians demanding the tearing down of Canada’s first prime minister, and a judge, who then attend a “sponsorship” party put on the by the communists of China who are responsible for perhaps 100 million deaths and untold human rights abuses and tortures and arbitrary imprisonments including Canadians which continue right to this day. The Chinese must be rubbing their hands.

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