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The Article

image  We’ve all heard about the changing demographics in Canada from white English-speaking into bunch ‘o stuff but mostly not white English-speaking, but I guess maybe CTV is getting ready early!  This is what I found in my news review this morning —the News site featured this ad (I guess it is an ad) along their right side, sort of reminding me of my sojourns into Richmond B.C.. 

I copied and pasted it here for your perusal.  Or as they say in China, well I don’t know what they say in China. 

㱨瑭氾਼桥慤㸊㱬楮欠桲敦㴢⽶㈯捳猯慬氮捳猢⁲敬㴢獴祬敳桥整∠瑹灥㴢瑥硴⽣獳∠浥摩愽≡汬∯㸊㱬楮欠桲敦㴢⽶㈯捳猯湥睳⹣獳∠牥氽≳瑹汥獨敥琢⁴祰攽≴ 數琯捳猢敤楡㴢慬氢⼾ਊ㱳捲楰琠瑹灥㴢瑥硴⽪

I tried a number of translators on it to see if I could figure out what they’re selling or saying.  Maybe some surreptitious ChiCom propaganda!


㱨 jade Fan ਼ 桥 慤 㸊 㱬 Broussonetia kasinoki less scheme Don 㴢 meters (Turkish) 捳 猯 site nitrogen 捳 monkey ⁲ King 㴢 had being – 桥 whole ∠ prior making 㴢 瑥 硴 health tomorrow ∠ 浥 Moldovan 愽 living 汬 ∮∮Mantanghong 㸊 㱬 Broussonetia kasinoki less scheme Don 㴢 meters (Turkish) 捳 猯 湥 睳 ⹣ tomorrow ∠ the 氽 ≳ prior 汥 independence 敥 cut 4 祰 forward ≲ Ramayana few 琯 捳 monkey  敤 楡 㴢 site 氢 households ਊ 㱳 called 楰 take prior making 㴢 瑥 硴 skin

Not much luck there.  Sort of like reading the NDP constitution.


㱨 Overall Bridge Que 㸊 㱬 Pan ਼ mulberry less quince London 㴢 ⽶ ㈯ Yuetuan the prudent nitrogen Yue monkey ⁲ King 㴢 Mongoose Zhiai bridge the entire group of springs 㴢 ∠ Shu Wen Hua ⽣ angry dog ≡ ∠ wet friction Bo Chu Jing ∯ 㸊 㱬 less quince London㴢 ⽶ ㈯ Yuetuantuhui ⹣ angry dog ∠ Fang boil for a short ≳ Tu Jidujiaozhuo ⁴ pointer;” Ban ≴ Shuogunyuehu  hydrogen using Yu 㴢 the prudent volume for Accounts ਊ 㱳 Yutiantuquan 㴢 Wenhua ⽪

It’s like trying to read Obama’s “health care” law.


㱨 the jade 氾 ਼ bridge 慤 㸊 㱬 paper mulberry owes 桲 the sincere 㴢 ⽶㈯ 捳 猯 慬 nitrogen 捳 monkey ⁲ to respect 㴢 獴 祬 敳 the bridge entire ∠ 瑹 灥 㴢 瑥 硴 ⽣ 獳 ∠ 浥 to touch 愽 ≡ 汬 ∯ 㸊 㱬 the paper mulberry to owe sincerely 桲 㴢 ⽶㈯ 捳 猯 湥 睳 ⹣ 獳 ∠ 牥 fries alone ≳ 瑹 汥 敥 carves ⁴ 祰 攽 ≴ the number 琯 捳 monkey 敤 楡 㴢 慬 hydrogen ⼾ ਊ 㱳 volume 楰 琠 瑹 灥 㴢 瑥 硴 ⽪

I do see the words nitrogen and hydrogen and bridge and monkey and mulberry and fries crop up.  Could it be a recipe for a bomb?  Or is this just more standard dim sum fare?

We may never know. 

This is why we stick to English. 

Headline from Drudge Report this morning:

Also possibly related:

Also possibly related:

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Joel Johannesen
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