Execs at State-Owned CBC Live In (?) And/Or Visit That Awful USA. During Pandemic.

One of the rationalizations given by CBC-luvin’ set is that without the state-owned CBC, all Canada would have have to hold onto is that awful awful awful TV and culture from the awful awful ever-so awful United States. Which is awful.

News today is that a big boss at CBC Radio Canada has been outed as having been in Florida (USA!) for the month of December. When his very own CBC News was covering Trudeau and his health expert team telling Canadians peons like you ‘n me, repeatedly, to stay home, and avoid all non-essential travel. Michel Bissonnette, a Vice Prez at the government-owned and controlled state media CBC, isn’t a mere visitor to the USA. He owns a Florida beachfront condo. Owns it. He must love America and its culture. And hey, do they even get a CBC channel there? Maybe he watched it on the internet using some o’ that Yankee techno wizardry.

His comrade at the CBC, big boss CBC President and CEO Catherine Tait, travelled back and forth multiple times between her residence in Brooklyn, New York, and her other home in Ottawa. In fact it was rumored that she actually lives there with her American husband. In that awful USA. Where they don’t even get CBC. Maybe she watched online too. I’m sure she did. She can’t watch Fox News Channel ALL day.

Anyway, remember, the United States is awful. So awful that we need a state-owned media and Canadian content rules and regulations. And also, don’t travel unless it’s essential to get away from awful Canada and the awfuller CBC, apparently.

P.S. Their ever-so avid, able, and fierce competitor, CTV, is carrying the scandal-ette this way:

Global News and the Globe & Mail: same. Nothing. Not covering it. Don’t want you to know.

Ironically, the state-owned CBC is carrying the story.

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