“End Date” Idiocy

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The Article

With the release today of the latest political “compromise” regarding the war in Afghanistan, it seems that alas, the Harper Conservatives have drank the Kool-Aid.  They’ve largely caved to liberal Canada and particularly to Liberal Frenchman Stephane Dion, and his Liberals, at least insofar as the main principles of that war and war in general. The plan now calls for our troops to withdraw from Kandahar in July 2011. 

We already know from our current experience that no other county is prepared to take our place when we leave the Kandahar war zone.  So what we’re actually saying is, We’re giving up.  Surrendering. Oh and just to be helpful, here’s the exact date.

Didja hear that, Taliban terrorists?  Al-Qaeda—you tuned in?  Despots and tin-pot dictators the world over, you watching CBC International?  Great.  OK.  (Sorry I couldn’t write this in Arabic!)

I’ve always said that the right way to go is to establish the “end date” as the date that the savage Islamofascist Taliban terrorists are completely crushed, and they surrender to us, and then an extra week later just to make our point.  Then leave with a huge flypast of about 60 brand new F-22 or F-35 fighter jets (we’ll have to borrow some from other nations as usual).  That’s the perfect date. 

You’ll notice, for example, that the Islamofascists have much the same date in mind—no end date per se.  “Death to America” is their “end date”.  (That’s supposed to be a clue, oh noble defenders of Canada and your trusty pollsters!)

Naturally, a war can’t be fought using phony arbitrary “deadlines” and “end dates”.  That’s something only idiots and modern liberal pantywaists do.  And yet here they are. 

Harper said it reflects the feeling of most Canadians that the military effort in Kandahar is “not open-ended.” 

Oh I see.  So Canadians (maybe) want to fight wars for a while, and even that is questionable, and then no matter if we’re winning or not, give up, and then come what may.  We’ll accept the consequences.  Communism, Islamofascist terrorism, radical fascist dictatorships, Sharia law, whatever.  Hey North Korea, Iran, China, Russia, Syria, Venezuela, and al-Qaeda, take notes!  We’ll only fight for a while, then quit.  It’s a “Canadian Value”. 

Apparently that “Canadian Value” is best described as we don’t much know or care what our “values” are, so it’ll be easy to switch to yours when you move in

The job of our nation’s leaders—all of them—and our media and academia and so on— is to explain to uninformed and ignorant Canadians that actually, in fact, our military effort in any war that we need to fight is exactly “open ended” by necessity.  We fight until we win.  Have a nice day. Add one ‘o them “eh”s at the end for that Canuck-y feel if you really have to. 

I don’t accept that Canadians are prepared to accept defeat.

Prime Minister Harper always rightly ends his speeches with “God Bless Canada”.  But just to get you used to the “open-ended” possibilities of this kind of arbitrary and symbolic surrender decision, let me end by saying “Allah Akbar!”

Joel Johannesen
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