Dithering pusher is yesterday’s news

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The Article

It’s about time Canada got the monkey off its back. It’s about time the needle was pulled from its arm. Put the cap on the bottle. And watch in the rear-view mirror as dust collects on Canada’s so-called natural ruling party.

For years, Canadians woke up with hangovers courtesy of their overindulgence of everything with a Liberal government stamp on it.

An addiction so bad that Canadians met scandal after scandal with foggy acceptance. And they helplessly, even foolishly, watched as billions of dollars were squandered and stolen. Among the scandals were the colossal wastes of the Human Resources boondoggle, AdScam and the back-in-the-news gun registry. Common sense was tossed to the wind because the natural ruling party had Canadians hooked.

Canada was addicted to philosophies where dedicated work was swapped for grants and life was uninspired. Liberal axioms ignored personal responsibility, honour and trustworthiness as pre-requisites for good citizenship.

Like the junkie, subservient to the pusher, Canada allowed those in charge to use its citizens as doormats. Year after year, credibility was given to the governing party as they were sanctioned and showered with power and tax dollars. Entitlements galore were the order of the day. Legitimate only because the rules of the natural party allowed a skewed definition of legitimacy without so much as a thread of moral fibre.

Canada went along with it because it was hooked. Acquiescing to more government not less. Like a bunch of sad addicts. Afraid to break away as it watched tax dollars, its own money, go up in smoke. It didn’t matter. Canada was the dope fiend slinking to the corner, ready to take whatever was offered, afraid of life without the pusher.

On the crime front the country watched as those with dark hearts and filled with evil ran amok. Somehow the addiction to wayward governing concepts allowed thieves and murderers the excuse of being the marginalized and disenfranchised. Anything and everything was enacted, all stops pulled, to protect and keep them from facing genuine consequence.

And that led to complacency and slothfulness at all levels of the justice system. Killers walked away after a few months of penance. Brutal assaults too often meant those responsible were treated like pre-pubescent spitball throwers who giggle while they sit in detention with their heads on their desks. Life never means much to a pusher, or a junkie for that matter.

Pushers are inherently lazy. In selling the tale that violent crime is down government officials did little more than open a statistical report and see that a few numbers confirmed the assertion. Credit for the “downturn” was given to the indolent and slovenly approach of Liberal folly. Truth is that in the long run, violent crime is way up. More than 400% in the last generation, according to official data. And what about today’s tone of violence? It’s gone extreme and the rate of violence resulting in injury is up significantly. And what about the two most accurately reported of all crimes? Murder was up 15% in Manitoba at last count and according to the Insurance Board of Canada car theft was up 91% between 1988 and 1993. Yet we’re to believe that crime is on the decline.

Second-rate service from a third-rate government with edicts of “not my fault” and “not my job” everywhere.

And these clowns thought they should exert their influence in raising the nation’s kids and shoot them off their universal assembly line? With promised perfection, the funding pit would have been perfectly bottomless. But an addict doesn’t mind blowing his last dime. He only cares about what the pusher is offering. What’s in it for him.

Then some good news. Canadians were tired of waking up groggy. Tired of having zero influence in the eyes of the world. Tired of the same old government crap.

It’s been four months since the natural ruling party was kicked off its corner. Of course the pusher won’t quit. He never will. He wants the needle back in. It’s in his best interest. A con was tried. Something about new and more prisons needed because if the nation’s children don’t go to government-sponsored day care there is little hope that they’ll grow into anything but future jailbirds. Eyebrows were raised. But a pusher, desperate with his turf gone, will say anything.

Meanwhile the Conservatives just keep chugging along, keeping promises. Too bad they can’t retrieve the billions of Liberal-squandered dollars.

Desperation has become the Liberal moniker. They imply that life as it is known will cease without them. And isn’t that good news?

Resiliency is the earmark of Canadians. Common sense is ringing in all provinces and territories. Canada is anxious to reclaim its rightful place on the international stage. The dithering pusher is yesterday’s news and according to the polls, less influential with each passing day.

We’re on the road back. And it’s starting to feel good.

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