Daughters Under Siege

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The Article

Recently I wrote about the trend in public schools to push an “if it feels good, do it” brand of sex education on our kids. Those who write the “health education” curriculum, oversee the lesson plans and have the greatest authority in education believe that there are no taboos, and no boundaries on a teenager’s sex life.

That they actually believe teens should engage in sex at all should be enough to cause outrage – but it goes much further than that. Dr. Miriam Grossman’s new book, “You’re Teaching My Child What?” documents how they seek to shape an entire generation’s world view to support and advance a free sex mentality that would shock even a “free love” child of the radical 60’s.

Many educators are obsessed with promoting a promiscuous lifestyle. One particularly disturbing tactic is to strip our little girls of their natural inclination toward modesty and replace it with an attitude of sexual dominance. They teach young women that the way to get ahead in the world is not through their grace, or goodness, or intelligence – but through their sexual power.

Combine this reality with the theme of my last two columns, which are about the entertainment industry’s elevation of a highly sexual and crassly powerful young female image, and we’ve created a culture in which our precious little daughters are constantly bombarded by messages that degrade their innate value, reducing them to nothing more than sex objects.

If our young women continue to be used and manipulated like this, what do you think America’s families will be like in 20 years?

Make no mistake: this attack on our daughters is also an attack on the nuclear family unit itself. It is an insidiously evil brand of radical feminism that now pervades education and entertainment. If you can warp an entire generation of women into believing that sex is merely a tool to be used for advancement, then you destroy all notions of fidelity, and commitment for both genders. By default, our sons adopt the view that they do not need to be loyal or true in marriage either.

When you destroy the beautiful and selfless concept of committing one’s sexuality and heart to only one person for life, then there’s no room for the traditional family unit in our future.

We are at a crossroads in our nation and the pawn being used by those who seek to check-mate the family – the sacred and basic building block of all civil societies – is a little girl. She will be used and abused and then cast aside as the next little girls are born and brainwashed with ever increasing dangerous messages.

There are steps you must take now to protect and equip your daughter with her own moral authority over those who would abuse her femininity.

Through deliberate parenting every day you can affirm her value as a whole person. Find other families who share your personal values and surround her with friends and unconditional love. Encourage and help her to find strong female mentors who are marked by their goodness, wisdom, and sincere commitment to family. Teach her to discern and dissect the messages of those who seek to advance a radical agenda. Help your daughter discover the joy and peace of mind that comes with teen years that are free from the threat of sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, and the low self- esteem sexually active girls report having deep in their hearts.

(Many of these timeless truths and practices, not coincidentally, also serve our sons. I’ll expound on them next week.)

Please don’t delay in making a commitment to empower your own daughter to have the strength, wisdom, grace and courage to tower above the mire. God has given her honor and value. Don’t let anyone rob her of it or her full potential.

Rebecca Hagelin
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