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  Companies sponsor athletes who share their values and suit their brand”

Go team!  We’re behind you!  We share your values!  You suit our brand!  …And that’s why we associate with and so support the CBC! (play that hilarious clip of screeching car tires).

The headline is about businesses associating with Olympic athletes and such, but it’s equally true of a lot of other things with which they associate themselves.  And it’s why, when Tiger Woods’ very liberal family and moral values came to our attention, companies who were associating with him didn’t waste any time publicly dissociating with him.  Woods didn’t actually “share their values”, nor did he “suit their brand”.  They wanted out.  For their own good. 

So it’s confusing to me that companies such as those I’ve listed in my Push Back list (also posted along the right side of this web site) advertise on — thereby sponsoring — the state-owned, socialism-reliant, taxpayer-funded, totally reliant on high and ever higher taxes, and it could be credibly argued, the anti-conservative, anti-capitalist CBC.  Or any clearly socialist outfit which relies on the continuation of, and what is inevitably the further advancement of, the socialist model for their very existence. 

Bank of Montreal?  Investors Group?  Tim Hortons?  I do understand groups like the University of Toronto and all those crown “corporations” (—wink!) advertising on and associating themselves with the CBC (as they do) because colleges teach and promote the same things as the CBC, and crown “corporations” all rely on the same economic model as the CBC being maintained.  But Vonage?  Shaw Cable?  General Motors?   Do these companies believe in socialism?  Does socialism “suit their brand”?  Really?  Is socialism and a government-owned, socialism-reliant media network the kind of “values” they want to be associated with?  Does socialism “suit their brand” —or ours? 

If so, good to know.  Their values aren’t mine.  (And let’s not be fooled: big businesses may very well not share your free-market capitalist values, so don’t be mislead or confused.) 

It’s a little counterintuitive to say the least.  Socialism is obviously the antithesis of capitalism and a free-market economy, and the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC is the antithesis of capitalism and a free-market economy.  The CBC absolutely relies on the promotion of anti-capitalists like Michael Moore and his documentaries the CBC incessantly repeats, over and over, and the promotion of an anti-capitalist system writ large, to sustain them and their very existence.  So why would anybody want to be associated with that?  Whose values are those?  “A fitting image:  Companies sponsor athletes who share their values and suit their brand”  Well if the shoe fits…

It seems a little self-defeating to me, for a capitalism-reliant company who needs Canadians to have plenty of after-tax dollars and total freedom, to advertise on a socialism-reliant government media behemoth which constantly berates capitalism and conservatives and their free-market, freedom-oriented values and promotes socialists and other progressives.  It ultimately helps lead us to the demise of capitalism as we know it today.  And that doesn’t suit my own personal brand or that of my family, or even my country for that matter. 

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Joel Johannesen
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