Commenter at far-left Toronto Star: “I guess Liberals like seeing women helpless.” CORRECT.

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The Article

Our PTBC Quote of the Week Award takes a highly unusual turn this time around, as it is awarded to an unknown person commenting at a left-wing newspaper.


“I guess Liberals like seeing women helpless.”

—a Toronto Star online commenter named “hjk50”, on what I think is another deceptive article by the liberal-left about Canada’s liberals and their incessant demand that the government relinquish all gun ownership in Canada, for what are clearly only political/ideological reasons.  (See blog entry)

His guess is spot on.  Helpless, and fully reliant upon the government rather than themselves or their family or friends or neighbors, come what may.  That’s what all progressives want.  Citizen/gun control is at the very root of progressivism, in their manifest push toward full government control. 

See the blog entry for other examples of suddenly rather conservative-thinking or at least conservative-sounding commenters at the normally far-left Toronto Star, after they read the article posted there and refused to be taken by the total BS contained therein.  An astonishing bit of right-thinking sunshine in an otherwise normal, liberal-left media day!

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