Coalition of the Willing partner Denmark arrests 9 terror suspects

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The Article

A member of the team of 40 or more countries who helped the U.S. “unilaterally” (i.e.: all alone with no friends or allies) defeat the murderous fascist dictator Saddam Hussein in Iraq and bring the start of a new democracy there —has arrested nine suspects for terrorism-related activities. 

Liberals will be in high dudgeon and demand their immediate release, pending an investigation into the Danish police and their methods.  Then they’ll eat some cheese.

It was in a Danish newspaper that the cartoons of Mohammed were published. We supported them then and we support them now.

Denmark holds 9 over suspected terrorist plot

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – Danish security police on Tuesday arrested nine men suspected of plotting to carry out a terrorist bomb attack in the Nordic country.

Justice Minister Lene Espersen said most of the men are Danish citizens and that police had acted after discovering several of the group had collected materials to make explosives.

“This is what is most alarming. These are Danish citizens living in Denmark that have been plotting a terror attack in Denmark,” she said.

She gave no details about the potential target of an attack.

[…] They were arrested early Tuesday morning in Vollsmose, a poor district mainly inhabited by immigrants in Denmark’s third largest city, Odense. They were held under anti-terrorism laws introduced after the September 11 attacks in the United States.

Denmark, which has troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan, last month charged five Muslim men under the anti-terrorism laws.

[…] Earlier this year, cartoons lampooning the Prophet Mohammad published in a Danish paper sparked Muslim anger and led to attacks on Danish embassies in parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East in which more than 50 people died.

PET said several of the nine arrested on Tuesday would face a custody hearing later in the day. Under Danish law, suspects can be held for numerous months during investigation.

ProudToBeCanadian is a strong supporter of the global war on Islamo-fascist terror being fought in Iraq, Afghanistan, and will support it anywhere it needs to be fought.  This web site proudly and strongly supports the United States, President George Bush, and the “Bush doctrine”.  We proudly support what looks like a refreshing new Canada and foreign policy that befits the real Canadian tradition of a strong and free nation with the responsibility to pay its share of the cost of freedom and democracy by fighting battles of war and winning and never cutting and running.  As well, we fully support not just our brave Canadian troops but also the mission.  This site also stands strongly for the nation of Israel, and all Jews; and of course fully supports the Danes.  Any questions?

Joel Johannesen
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Joel Johannesen
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