CNN’s LGBTQ town hall: Democrats revealed as divisive, totalitarian, intolerant

The setup for a very revealing glimpse into the possible future of America and maybe the rest of us (certainly in Canada), was on display last week. It was thanks to a disastrous presidential candidates’ town hall put on by CNN, which was supposed to be all about gay and transgender rights, etc. It wasn’t. It was really about how totalitarian and autocratic, and authoritarian, and undemocratic (…) the Democrats plan to become if elected. It was about how intolerant they are. And how divisive. And how they don’t mind crushing America to make it fit their leftist ideology. It was about how to kill conservative thought, religion — their churches, synagogues, and mosques — and how to force non-conformists to abide by leftist dictates.

It is actually really important for America, and by extension for Canada and much rest of the west, for you to see and read as much as you can about that town hall, and think about where this is leading. For a good,sound, logical, and reasonable synopsis, listen to Ben Shapiro’s podcast (#877) —it’s around an hour long. Shapiro gets pretty passionate about it. And rightly so.

Here are some other links to read:

I’m anxious to read Dennis Prager on this, and lots of others will also chime in I’m sure.

This is a very good long thread by John Hayward (click on it to read the thread):

Vote accordingly.

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