Cineplex stands up for freedom of speech: Will allow Jordan Peterson film to be screened.

It’s rather shocking that we have to make anything of this, but that’s what things have come to in the progressives’ “woke” culture that we live in (— unless we change it).

The new documentary film about the rise of the phenomenal Canadian uber-intellectual Jordan Peterson will be available at their theaters after all. Bravo, Cineplex. [more viewing info here.] This news from

This reverses a previous decision supposedly made at the insistence of various theater staff who complained that they were uncomfortable with it. Triggered, if you will, and so, these staff people determined, it should be summarily burned and not seen by anybody. Because they don’t agree with it. Or something. I can only imagine the staff discussions about it.

You may remember, if you read enough non-establishment media, despite massive outrage from the left, Cineplex also eventually allowed the pro-life film Unplanned to be screened in many Canadian theaters. And now this.

So watch for the ever-ironic Antifa fascists’ protests and more of their violence.

Here’s the official trailer:

“A rare, intimate glimpse into the life and mind of Jordan Peterson, the academic and best-selling author who captured the world’s attention with his criticisms of political correctness and his life-changing philosophy on discovering personal meaning. Christened as the most influential public intellectual in the western world, University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson skyrocketed to fame after he published a controversial viral video series entitled “Professor Against Political Correctness” in 2016. Within 2 years, he sold over 3 million copies of his self-help book, 12 Rules For Life, and became simultaneously branded by some as an academic rockstar selling out theatres around the world, and by others as a dangerous threat to progressive society. THE RISE OF JORDAN PETERSON intimately traces the transformative period of Peterson’s life while visiting rare moments with his family, friends and foes who share their own versions of the Jordan Peterson story.”

The Rise of Jordan Peterson

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