CHEERS! Kirstie Alley tempts fate with some honesty about Trump


I know what you’re thinking: it’s just one Hollywood liberal who caught a glimpse of sense and objectivity, possibly by watching Fox News Channel by accident while at a bar, or somesuch.

I agree, this does happen sometimes — like, say, they haven’t been able to watch CNN for a couple days due to having just smashed every television in one of their mansions during a panel discussion on CNN which included one actual conservative who was allowed to complete a whole sentence; or, say, they saw a MAGA hat-wearing black woman walkin’ down the street just all casual-like, and they got all triggered.

In truth, Kirstie Alley was an early supporter of Donald Trump, before later withdrawing her support of either candidate in the 2016 election when that nasty audio recording of Trump being Trump was miraculously released by Hollywood liberals.

It must be a risky road out there for Alley, being a non-Trump-hater, if the ways of the progressive/liberal cancel-culture is any indication. And sadly, if history is any indication, we can safely predict a tweet delete (naturally I’ve screen-captured the tweets) and one of those heartfelt apologies to her liberal-leftist comrades on Twitter in the very near future, blaming a hacker, lack of sleep, drunkenness, drugs, and of course her “white privilege.” But damn. For now, this is good.

And it’s not like she backed down. You could say she persisted! Or she has so far. She gets a lot more likes than comments on these not-Trump-hating tweets, which is good, but she chose several negative comments and refuted them. Like this:

And it’s not like this is her first foray into the wilds of reason, as I’ve said. She withdrew her election endorsement, but from back on Sept 6:

And who was the first person to rage about that tweet? Far-leftist Hollywood millionaire Tom Arnold, who must be on a 24/7 lookout for anything said on Twitter that doesn’t comply with AOC-level left-wing doctrine, ready to immediately pounce and tut-tut the person who dared say it. He tweeted this before getting slammed a thousand times over by the tiny sane portion  of the Twitterverse (read some of the comments!):

That’s Tom Arnold, folks. One of the Tolerant Set‘s top spokesmodels. Nice contrast with Kirstie Alley’s more enlightened and less bigoted approach wouldn’t you say?

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