CBC presents two LEFTISTS for fair and balanced “analysis”

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The Article

Let me interrupt my NewsQuips (which is where this started but it got too long, because that’s what I do) to expand on this infuriating episode which repeats itself daily on the dreadful state-owned media in Canada, the liberal-lefts’ CBC division: 

AS IF THE CBC WANT TO PROVE, OVER AND OVER, HOW BIASED AND LEFT-WING THEY ARE— For minutes-long “analysis” with regard to the news surrounding the DEMOCRATIC (not mentioned by the CBC in this “analysis”) Governor of Illinois and his DEMOCRATIC pal from politically corrupt Chicago, B. Hussein Obama, the CBC “Newsworld” channel once again presents to Canadians,  image for a view from the left, a blogger for the far-left (and well-known to be far-left) Huffington Post blog, which the CBC apparently relies on for their daily news feed.  Glynnis MacNicol is described by the CBC only as a “Political and Media Blogger”—with no particular political affiliation mentioned.  And for “balance”, CBC-style, representing the far left, a blogger for the extreme far-left smear site, the Daily Kos, which is known as one of the most left-wing and to many including me, as among the most despicable, conservative-hating blogs in all of North America.  Jeffrey Feldman is hilariously (if it weren’t so dreadfully dangerous) described by the CBC only as a “Political Author”.  

Why, when literally countless guest “expert” options are available to them, why does the CBC purposely choose only two known LEFTISTS —one from a radical left site—to “analyze politics” for Canadians?  And then pass them off as plain old neutral politicos with no particular leanings —to not even tell Canadians that they are LEFTISTS, possibly contrary to their very own CBC statement of journalistic principles?  Why do you think they do that? 

This propaganda on a state-owned, state-run, taxpayer-funded media “news” channel is dangerous to any democracy, including Canada.  But the CBC doesn’t care.  They know what they’re doing.  Just pay up, suckers.  Nobody around here is going to stop us.  It can only get better for us as more are brainwashed educated as to our world view and more of you become jaded.

This is exactly how the guest “experts” were introduced by the CBC Newsworld anchor Suhana Meharchand:
“This seems like a case for our American political panel—Jeffrey Feldman is founder and editor-in-chief of the frameshop.com—that is a web site for all things political .  GM is the editor at fishbowlnewyork.com that’s a blog that covers politics and the media they are with us from New York.  Welcome to both of you…”

Never mind, as apparently nobody even outside the confines of CBC does, that this non-identification of their guests’ left-wing politics appears to be against the CBC’s own Journalistic Standards and Practices which reads, in part:
“Any relevant aspects of a commentator’s credentials must be clearly summarized so that the audience may have a perspective from which to appraise the speaker’s view. For example, the position and affiliation of a journalist or the particular qualifications of an academic or any other type of speaker should be stated. The descriptions “freelance broadcaster” or “freelance writer” do not meet this requirement.”

Possibly the CBC is NOT trying, as I started out saying, to “prove how biased and left-wing they are.  They may actually be rubbing our faces in it, and daring us to lift a finger.  That’s just how arrogant and emboldened the left has become in this country. 

Say it with me:
State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country,
and that notion enshrined in our constitution.

OK great.  Now I dare you to say it to all your friends and family.


Joel Johannesen
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