Oh don’t be so alarmed. This is par for the course on one of the most hateful, family-unfriendly sites in North America —the state-owned, publicly funded to the tune of 1.5 BILLION per year, socialism-reliant, divisive, far-left “national treasure” (as progressives quixotically call it), the liberals’ CBC division.

carlbailey wrote:Posted 2010/10/20 at 12:29 PM ET

geez, maybe the view should have hired me on for that o’reilly show. i’d have happily beaten o’reilly to a bloody pulp on live tv, just for being the bigoted goof that he is. just imagine the ratings that would have gotten them…

CBC commenter of hate and violence

Notice how 24 well-trained left-wing CBC hate worshipers took the time to give that violent comment their “thumbs up”.

The state-owned CBC is a “national treasure” to the extreme left in Canada.  It’s a “national disgrace” to the rest of us.  State-owned media should be banned in this country, and that notion should be enshrined in our constitution. 

And here is some more:  PTBC’s CBC Comments of Hate category.  I’ve missed most of the hate, but this provides more than sufficient evidence.

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