I warned you in an earlier post that later this morning, the CBCers would start calling regular conservatives “racists” and “fascists” and other ever so moderate terms in their effort to exemplify their ever so “moderate” behavior, in juxtaposition to what the CBC article calls “ultraconservative” and “extreme” tea party candidates. 

Well it’s just after noon now, and we have all those completely non-extremist and ultramoderate terms, and much more, in full use at the hate-filled, state-owned CBC media site.  For example we have a commenter calling the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, Conservative Jason Kenney, a “racist.” 

The extremely moderate commenter was quoting the words of another poster (who only claimed that none of the current crop of Canadian Conservatives are “openly” racist, leaving the door open to them being “closet” racists!), which the commenter then refutes with this utterly baseless and, it seems to me, libelous remark:

APPROVED by the ever so “moderate” moderators at the state-owned CBC. 

So he’s not only “racist”, but “openly” so.  Perhaps the CBC could provide details.

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