CBC changes name of political party

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The Article

Joels version of a logo State-employee at the Canadian liberals’ state-run news media, the CBC (its Newsworld secretariat), Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson, in describing the unrest in Hungary last night as a result of government corruption, says that protesters set fire to the “state-run television network”, and were fighting with police.

The “state-run television network”, huh?  Those unfree Hungarian bastards, huh Wilson?

Meanwhile, the politically tendentious (and/or inept, I’m not sure) Wilson has constantly been referring to the Bernard Lord Progressive Conservative government which just got the boot in New Brunswick last night, as “the Conservatives” who were voted out in “the changing political landscape in this country.”  The Liberals ended seven years of “Conservative rule”, replacing “Conservative blue” with “Liberal red”. 

Perhaps somebody should explain that there is no “Conservative Party” in New Brunswick, any more than there is a “Democratic Party”.  Although now that I mention it, watch for the socialists to be called “The Democratic Party” by the state-run CBC, real soon. 

The reporter on the scene, Tom Murphy, did the exact same thing throughout his little fairytale report, constantly referring to Lord’s government as the “Conservative government”.

I’m sure they’re just trying to save taxpayers some o’ that “on air” money.  Perhaps they should remove the words “so-called” when referring to the war on terror, to save more taxpayer cash.

For my part, I still snicker at the thought that the state-run CBC stands for Canadian Broadcasting “Corporation”.  Corporation!  My my.  How cute. Almost like a free country’s enterprising citizens at work in the free enterprise, capitalist market.  “State-run media” is easier to say and might save cash. 

As always, I remind readers that state-run media should be banned in this country and that nod to freedom and democracy should be enshrined in our Constitution.

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