The state-owned CBC, which competes against Canadian citizen-owned news and entertainment and political advocacy media, and their blogs:  They allow swearing, they allow egregious personal insults and cheap shots, they allow their fans to call conservatives “Nazis” and make direct comparisons between anybody on the right and Hitler, they let their fans rip Christianity and Christians apart with vile, hateful rhetoric.  And as I’ve documented, they allow comments about Canadian soldiers on their news articles about the death of a Canadian soldier, like “THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE”, and others just like them in terms of taste and respect and intelligence.

So what on Earth did “SackLunch” write on the horrible web site of hate, the state-owned web site, on the story of yesterday’s funeral of the murdered Ottawa policeman that would warrant getting it removed? 


Well we didn’t have to look far.  While the genius CBC moderators took offense at what “SackLunch” wrote — enough to remove the comment — it took them long enough to do so that several other CBC commenters already had the time to read it and refer to what he wrote, and then repeat it in their own posts, quoting “SackLunch” and what he wrote directly.  The taxpayer-paid moderator failed to remove those references, so removing the offending comment was really a rather moot point. Yes, CBC, running a web site is hard work, and very costly.  I’m so, so sorry.

imageApparently their fan wrote “who cares”.  Once again that’s “who cares”.  This, on the story of the funeral for an innocent murdered policeman.

I’m not sure what’s so OK with “THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE” on the occasion of a Canadian soldier dying, but “who cares” on the occasion of a policeman being killed is so offensive to the CBC.  But then who can figure out even the concept or rationale behind this whole state-owned, socialism-reliant media. 

Other delightful CBC commenters show their enormous respect by feigning concern over the cost of the funeral, even while blithely writing their comments on a taxpayer-paid web site which costs taxpayers well in excess of a BILLION dollars per year. 

rebuilt wrote:Posted 2010/01/07 at 1:12 PM ET

“…As a taxpayer who is probably picking up the tab, l I look forward to the end of these unnecessary expensive rituals.”

Referring to the thousands of officers who attended the funeral:

stuinvan wrote:Posted 2010/01/07 at 1:12 PM ET

“I trust we don’t pay these police to be off duty.”

imageThe CBC.  A whole world of hate, derision, anger, divisiveness, and irrational far-left-wing emotions being displayed for all the world to see, on our dime.

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