Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Book sheds light on modern Holocaust

Giulio Meotti

Bleak look at Canada’s slip from freedom

There was a time not too long ago when Canada was one of the freest countries in the world, and governments in Ottawa and...

Freedom is their cup of tea

In my last column, I suggested the likely result of the recent U.S. mid-term elections might be gridlock in government, and that many Americans...

People ready to rectify Obama mistake

The 2010 mid-term U.S. election was a fine illustration of a republican revolution done peacefully and, as an expression of

Harper pledges fight against Jew haters

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Disgusting silence on church bloodbath

The non-Muslim world is increasingly not surprised and unmoved by the depravity of Muslim jihadis committing outrage, one after another without end in sight,...

Absurd UN gives Pakistani helm of IAEA watchdog

How absurd are things inside the UN and its agencies in New York, Geneva or Vienna? Consider, as an example, the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy...

Canada too casual about threats to freedom

The serious discussion about Canada

Feds too blinkered to see impact of UN blocs

Just about everybody to the left of the Conservatives, on hearing Canada withdrew from the contest for a seat on the UN Security Council,...

Don’t be fooled by October Crisis revisionism

Forty years ago this month the long simmering politics of separatism in Quebec turned ugly and violent. In a recent column for the Montreal Gazette,...

Like him or not, Trudeau’s legacy remains

Many Canadians of a certain age and older can readily recall where they were when they heard Pierre Trudeau came back from a walk...

Iran prez’s UN stunt smacks of Chavez

Every now and then some demagogue or tyrant with hands bloodier than Macbeth

Muslims fear Muslims more than Jones

Over the past few weeks the mainstream media in the U.S. provided a textbook lesson of how to inflate an obscure story, and by...

Nine years later, America remains divided

Nine years later, America remains divided The ninth anniversary of 9/11 this year coincides with the mounting controversy over the propriety of building the Ground...

Stop quibbling over terror profiling

The arrests last week in Ottawa and London, Ont., of four of eight suspects allegedly linked with the global Islamist movement reveal again how...