Oh there’s all sorts of caterwauling by the only people the media bother to ask, about how “risky” it is for the government to bet taxpayer cash on Big socialist government in competition with its own citizens.  Again.real estate development for profit; and how “unfair” it is to some of those private developers, But that’s OK.  The progressives and their media have already trained us that developers are evil capitalist bastards. 

And one paper makes a big deal about their complaints, printing the story on their front page. 

But they all leave it at that and fail to dig deeper —to delve into the real problem with this.  Nobody the paper asks — nor the paper itself through its reporter, ever alludes to how overtly socialist it is, politically, to do this sort of thing.  Not a mention at all about the politics of it as a general matter.  The philosophy of it.  The ideology that led to this, and which will lead to more and more of it.  It can literally flip Canada upside down, economically, socially, politically, and in every which way you can think of.  But they question nothing of the sort.

It’s progressive/socialism in action.  And that’s using a gentle term. 

Here’s some of the features of the story.  Note how it’s only “developers” who could possibly cry foul over this —not regular freedom-loving Canadians who are watching the government take over our lives one small step at a time.

Developers cry foul over Surrey land purchase
City is first in Metro to compete head-on with private sector

By Kelly Sinoski, Vancouver Sun October 12, 2010

The battle for industrial land is heating up in Surrey with the city buying up property and going head-to-head with private developers.

The city-owned Surrey City Development Corporation is facing a serious clash with major developers after purchasing land in Campbell Heights.

The corporation, the first of its kind in Metro Vancouver, manages city lands and generates revenue through real estate investments


Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts, who sits on the corporation’s eight-member board along with Coun. Linda Hepner, said the city is trying to ensure it has the land it needs to attract strong businesses and create jobs.  …  “The city owns public assets so we want to capitalize on those assets and develop a revenue stream that comes back to the city,” Watts said.

…directors including Ken Nixon, Allan Davies, Hugh Matthews and Milton Wong.  …  Jim Cox, who heads the development corporation [said] “I can understand the perception but it’s not the reality,” Cox said. “We’re really in the business to make money.”

… Cox argued the concept isn’t new, noting Calgary and Toronto also have development corporations.

Similarly, nobody did ask, and they continue to fail to ask the question I constantly ask here:  what kind of government competes against its own citizens in business for profits, when speaking of, say, the state-owned CBC.  Our “healthcare” system. Or any of myriad other such examples created by progressives — the socialists — in action.  Which is why those things are now all firmly entrenched as “institutions” in our country — sacred to all progressives — and near impossible to dismantle and unravel.  This is by design.  It’s how progressives work.  It’s literally how they work.  It’s the political definition of “progressive”. 

The article claims it’s the “first” such example of this.  And of course that’s preposterous.  The CBC —the government — also uses taxpayer/government cash —and control — to compete against citizens all day long.  All crown “corporations” do that.  And as long as the like-minded liberal progressive media continue to aid and abet and not address the central issue, and dutifully refuse to ask any annoying questions, or to purposely fail to bring up any salient points about it, and instead they merely, glibly, barely report on it happening, and do so by purposely shooting at all the wrong targets, it is only a matter of time before we’re all used to it. 

That, again, is by design. 

It’s progressive.

Vote liberal. Buy the newspaper.  Keep it up. Don’t fight back.

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