Item: Conservative Prime Minister Harper prorogues parliament. 

Result:  Absolute hair-on-fire bullcrap rage and phony speeches and protests arranged by leftist Facebook idiots, and all manner of snooty posing from every progressive in the country including all liberals and their boorish snobleader, and the even further leftists, and of course the goading and nonsense “the end of democracy” alarmism perpetrated by their own ridiculous media division including all the major newspapers and TV networks, not the least of which, their own state-owned CBC. 

Item: Liberal Dalton McGuinty to prorogue Ontario’s Parliament.

Result:  Dead silence or indifference or even hilarious apologists’ excuses from the hideous, deceitful liberal-left and their entire media machine, in their outrageously hypocritical and freakishly transparent effort to mollycoddle their Liberal and shield him and all his progressive brethren from the inane ridicule to which they hideously subjected the Conservatives for weeks on end, continuing even to this day. 


Keep it up, Canadians!  Keep supporting the liberal-left media with your after-tax cash through your continued patronage and subscriptions, and keep supporting the companies who support them and sponsor them with their way overpriced advertising.  This is how capitalism works!  This is exactly what you want!  Well done! 

Joel Johannesen
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